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Clipping Creations India is a professional image editing company based in India that specializes in providing high-quality clipping path services to businesses and individuals around the world. We take pride in being one of the best clipping path service providers, offering exceptional service and quality work at affordable prices.

Clipping Path Service

New Delhi (India), March 25: In modern society, photos are the top priority for marketing any online business. Enticing pictures of your products/ services influence your target customers' buying behavior.  

Clipping path service could be the first step of image processing to give your marketing materials that expected look.  

This service is provided by experienced designers on the market using the latest editing software (ex, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) By clipping the path in a picture, you can detach an object from the background. 

In this post, you'll get a thorough idea of Clipping Path and how to use this technique and prepare your marketing materials.  

A Brief Overview of Clipping Path and Its Applications 

Before we dive into what a clipping path is, let's first clarify what a path is. In image editing, a path is a selection of pixels. It is defined by connecting a series of points. Paths can be closed (completing an oval or circle) or open - a series of points without connection. 

Editors select the subject and enclose it by the path. Everything else stays untouched. You can apply effects to the selected portion, such as scaling, rotation, color grading, and more. 

In practical terms, a clipping path removes or clips specific elements from a photo.  

For instance, if you've got a stock product photo with a colorful background and you want to clip the product portion only from the image, you can do this via the clipping path method. 

You can manually select the product area with the Photoshop Pen tool. Next, cut this part from your image and paste it into a new transparent background. People also call this editing technique by other names, such as –  

  • Deep etching 

  • Closed vector shape or path 

  • Image clipping 

  • Photo cutout 

  • Multi-path clipping  

Whatever name you call it, it's the best way to separate the subject and use it for multi-purpose. 

Here are some of the most common uses for clipping paths for editing your images-  

  • Create a border around an object 

  • Add depth and definition to an image 

  • Create a 3d effect 

  • Clean up edges and lines in your images 

  • Make sure objects line up correctly when you're using layer masks or other compositing techniques 

How Does Clipping Path Work 

Here we will give you an idea about how to add clipping paths in your images in common photo editings software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Following the step-by-step guide, one can also do it at home.  

However, it's not a wise approach because, as an entrepreneur, you're already flooded with other business hustles. You can trust the professionals like Clipping Creations India.  

Step 1: Path Selection 

In the beginning, you've to select the path of the object of your photo. To do so, we prefer using the "Quick Selection tool" in Photoshop.  

Using this tool is stressful as the whole selection process is manual to ensure high accuracy.  

Start with a particular area of the object you want to clip from the photo. Then add multiple anchor points to complete the path and connect the start and end.  

Step 2: Make a Work Path 

You need to select the whole path for a separate layer at this step. So, right-click on your mouse while selecting the path. Hit on the "Make Work Path" from the menu. 


It's required to set a tolerance level on the new dialogue box, and you've to adjust the number depending on your image type and status.  

When it's done, you've to save the path. To do so, click on the "Path" tab and then select the path you're working with (it's supposed to show under this tab.) You'll find a "Save Path" option to proceed. Type a name and save it. 

Step 3: Path Adjustments 

Please note that the process you've followed is the automatic path creation method. Hence, you might have to adjust the anchor points later. If it looks good to you, ignore this step. 

Select the "Move" tool from Photoshop main window. Then select any anchor points that you want to reposition. Select the points. And simultaneously press and hold Ctrl. Then adjust as per your requirement. 

If you want to create new anchor points at this stage, use the "Pen" tool. Otherwise, skip it. 

Types of Clipping Path Service 

There are multiple packages of clipping path solutions available online that suit every level of business and hobbyist. Let's check them out one by one. 

Basic/Quick Clipping Path 

It's suitable for simple cutout requirements. You can get this service if the image object shape has a simple circular/curved shape. A single path direction with a few anchor points – if that's enough to clip your photo objects, then this is the perfect package.  

This kind of cutout is required when you need a single-layer clip. Typical examples of this image object are a pen, t-shirt, etc. 


Multi-Layer Clipping 

Medium or multi-layer clipping path is involved a bit more editing and accessibility. A proper multi-layer clipping method usually has 2 layers of the required objects after the clipping is completed.  

Therefore, you can do a step ahead of image retouching in the future. Some typical examples under this criteria are chairs and basic multi-objects like cup-plate. 

Complex Clipping 

This clipping path is the right solution for photo objects with numerous edges and curves. You need to carefully create multiple paths and layers within an object to get this done.  

It's suitable for complex objects such as automobile parts, furniture sets, strollers, bicycles, etc.  

Clipping Path – a Fundamental of Promotional Photos 

Clipping paths are a great way to go if you're looking to add some edge definition or depth to your images.  

Moreover, you can use them to create clean, precise borders around objects, or to create the illusion of 3D depth, etc. Let's check out how you can utilize its benefits for further image editing services.  

Background Removing Services 

Clients need clean product photos. It impacts their buying decisions. Thus, removing backgrounds from your product images is necessary. The clipping path is the first step for erasing any kind of background.  

Ghost Mannequin Service  

It's a unique approach to give an apparel image a realistic look, just like someone is wearing the cloth.  

To apply a flawless ghost mannequin effect, you need to trim the apparel image. Thus, clipping path service is required.  

Color Correction Service 

Raw images can't express your brand appeal in the best way. Therefore, a photo retouching service like color correction, enhancement, and focus adjustment is essential.  


The clipping path allows you to do this customization in a specific area or the whole object.  

Image Masking Services 

Photos with fuzzy edges require masking support. It's mainly crucial for images with models, hair, wool, etc.  

You can separate the edges seamlessly from the background. And to do so, clipping the edge path is the initial step.  

Image Manipulation Services 

For advanced-level photo editing, image manipulation works like magic, obviously if done by professional hands.  

Firstly, you've to make a clipping path on every object of an image separately. This enables us to remove a particular object, edit it, blend it with others, and so on.  

Who Needs Clipping Path Service? 

That was all about the technological benefits of a photo-clipping path. From the commercial perspective, its scopes are also widespread.  

In this modern business era, your customers are always online. So, having a stronger and more professional presence on the internet is a key factor. 

Whether you've got single or multi-vendor e-commerce, you need to display a bulk number of product photos on your site. The same goes for Shopify or E-commerce businesses.  

To give these photos a high-quality look with a custom background is a must thing you need to do. A clipping path or cutout service does this for you at the minimum cost.  

Just like that, the photo processing service is evident for automobiles, manufacturing, and other niche businesses. 

Clipping Creations India as Your Best Clipping Service Provider 

Clipping Creations India is a professional image editing company based in India that specializes in providing high-quality clipping path services to businesses and individuals around the world. We take pride in being one of the best clipping path service providers, offering exceptional service and quality work at affordable prices.


One of the main advantages of Clipping Creations India as your clipping path service provider is our team of highly skilled and experienced designers. Our designers have many years of experience in the industry and are trained to handle any type of image editing project with precision. 

Another advantage of working with Clipping Creations India is their fast turnaround time. We understand the importance of timely delivery and work hard to ensure that our clients receive their edited images within the agreed-upon timeframe. We also offer 24/7 customer support, so clients can contact us at any time with questions or concerns. 

Clipping Creations India is committed to providing their clients with exceptional service at affordable prices. We offer competitive pricing and are transparent about their pricing structure, so clients know exactly what to expect. We also offer a satisfaction guarantee, so clients can rest assured that they will be happy with the final product. Try Free trial to get an example of best quality. 

FAQs About Clipping Path Service 

Explore a number of the frequently delivered questions in this section. human beings may have tons of questions but these questions are repeated time and again. 

The usability of Clipping Path is many! It is a necessary tool to remove any unwanted elements from an image, including logos, backgrounds, text, and other features. Here is a selection of frequently asked questions by users to help you. 

How do I choose the best clipping path service provider? 

The wise way to choose the best clipping path service provider is to look for their real testimonials and reviews. You can also check out their forum to find out their existing clients’ feedback. 

What is the difference between a clipping path and a clipping mask? 

The clipping path is done by the Photoshop Pen tool. On the other hand, background and magic eraser tools are used for clipping masks. 

Can a JPEG have a clipping path? 

Yes, a JPEG file can have a clipping path. However, using PSD or AI format is preferable to avoid image quality compromises. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, the clipping path is a great way to create single or multiple layers of photo objects. Using this strategy, you can avoid having to recreate the path each time you change your image. 

It's possible to tackle this photo editing technique by yourself. However, a clipping path service can be convenient for people with busy schedules, and you can save yourself time and hassle. 

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