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ChargeCard Reviews - Does AquaVault ChargeCard Worth Buying? Must Read Before You Buy!

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ChargeCard Reviews - Does AquaVault ChargeCard Worth Buying? Must Read Before You Buy!

With its ultra-thin design, AquaVault's ChargeCard keeps power close at hand. Aqua Vault developed the credit card-sized, ultra-thin ChargeCard phone charger. ChargeCard, which costs about $60, allows you to charge your phone while on the road without taking up any pocket space. The emergency battery life of a fully charged ChargeCard ranges from 30% to 100%.

AquaVault ChargeCard
AquaVault ChargeCard

Do you need a portable charger? Have you ever wished chargers were a little bit more compact?  

It is evident that the South Florida social scene is recovering from the epidemic, from casual coffee conversations to corporate gatherings and athletic events. An uncharged phone battery might be disastrous if you're scurrying about the area. 

Making sure you always have a charge in your pocket is the goal of this Miami startup company, AquaVault. The consumer goods business AquaVault, which debuted on Shark Tank, has created a tiny charger that fits inside your wallet. Its quarter-inch width makes it somewhat thicker than the typical credit card. But it will easily fit into a slot that is the right size. The stainless steel style blends well with today's most premium credit cards. 

AquaVault released this updated charger at the beginning of September. It features a better, slimmer design and a longer battery life. The company's eCommerce website currently serves as the primary direct-to-consumer distribution method for gadgets. Since its founding in 2011, AquaVault has been creating items, many of which are travel-related. After having their possessions stolen while out on the town in South Beach, they created their signature product, a portable safe. Co-founders Rob Peck, Avin Samtani, and Kinas made an appearance on ABC's Shark Tank in 2015, where investor Daymond John gave them an investment. 

Most smartphone chargers often take the shape of thick rectangles or squares. If you wish to carry one with you, it's advisable to store it in a different bag because they don't fit well in back pockets. However, they roll around and gather dust and other junk when they're in a bag. The ChargeCard from AquaVault is an incredibly small and thin charger that really fits in your wallet to address this problem.  

With its ultra-thin design, AquaVault's ChargeCard keeps power close at hand. Aqua Vault developed the credit card-sized, ultra-thin ChargeCard phone charger. ChargeCard, which costs about $60, allows you to charge your phone while on the road without taking up any pocket space. The emergency battery life of a fully charged ChargeCard ranges from 30% to 100%. 

How true to the hype is ChargeCard? How is ChargeCard used? Read on to learn everything we could tell you about ChargeCard and how it functions right now. Everywhere we go, everyone has a mobile phone in hand for communication with loved ones, conducting business, or taking pictures. Only a few hours can be spent on the battery's support before it runs out. 

The best way to keep your electronics alive is by using portable chargers. A rapid charger the size of a credit card that fits in your wallet is called the AquaVault Charge Card. It is portable and eliminates the hassle of lugging about a big power bank. 

The following Charge Card review will go over how it functions, as well as its features, advantages, disadvantages, costs, and where to purchase it. Everywhere we go, we all have our mobile phones with us to stay in touch with our loved ones, conduct business, or take pictures. You can only stay alive for a short while before the battery runs out. 

The best way to keep your electronics alive is by using portable chargers. A rapid charger the size of a credit card that fits in your wallet is called the AquaVault Charge Card. It is compact and makes lugging a heavy power bank unnecessary. 

The following Charge Card review will go over how it functions, as well as its features, advantages, disadvantages, costs, and where to purchase it. Every one of us experienced it. When our phone dies, we are out and about, living life to the fullest. We want to take pictures, update our social media, and maintain contact. What are we to do? 

You can carry a small, convenient charger in your wallet that is no larger than your credit card thanks to the Nomad ChargeCard. Let's examine whether purchasing the ChargeCard will help you stay charged while on the go. 

What Is ChargeCard? – AquaVault Shark Tank ChargeCard Reviews 


A phone charger called ChargeCard is so small it may fit inside your wallet. ChargeCard, billed as the smallest emergency phone charger in the world, fits in your wallet and extends battery life by 30% to 100% when you need it most, providing you enough power to get along the rest of your day. 

Its distinctive shape prevents people from recognizing it as a charger right away. The small size of this sleek charger, however, is what really stands out. This ultra-thin charger has dimensions equivalent to a credit card and is of the small size, enough to fit in your wallet. It fits conveniently into your wallet and charges your cell phones and other gadgets while you're on the road at 0.25 inches thick. 

Despite being a quarter-inch thick, the ChargeCard is exactly the same size as a credit card, living up to its name. This degree of thickness enables it to fit inside the wallet's sleeve among your other cards, even seeming as one and sporting a lovely fake security chip. Rubber covers on two of the corners can be removed to reveal a charging cable that can be replaced with an interchangeable one that is also supplied, allowing you access to Lightning fast, USB-C, or USB-Micro, depending on what your phone requires. 

Bulky portable chargers, which are simple to forget while traveling, can be replaced with the AquaVault Charge Card as the best option. You may enjoy yourself wherever you are, thanks to the worry-free charger. 

ChargeCard was created by AquaVault, a business that utilized Shark Tank to sell its premium waterproof phone cover effectively. Fifteen million travelers trust AquaVault products today, and ChargeCard is the newest addition to the family. 

AquaVault Charger, the ChargeCard, offers portable charging for Apple, Android, and other devices so that poor battery life won't disrupt your day. A ChargeCard is kept in your wallet until you require it. When your phone's battery is low, and you're away from home, you connect it to ChargeCard for quick, effortless, on-the-go charging. Built-in USB-C, Lightning, and micro-USB charging cables are available with ChargeCard. 

Given its overall small size, the ChargeCard's battery is likewise rather diminutive. With a capacity of 2700mAh, it can fully recharge the majority of iPhones precisely once before running out of power. While it still consumes battery life like nothing else, being able to double my phone's battery makes a world of difference while I'm on the road. 

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How To Use The Aquavault ChargeCard? - AquaVault ChargeCard Reviews 

Utilizing the AquaVault Charge Card couldn't be simpler. Two of its corners have rubber caps that hide a charging wire. You only need to swap out the interchangeable cable to choose between USB-C, USB-micro, and lightning, depending on the device you wish to charge. 

You may put the charging Card in the rear when charging your phone. It is properly sized to fit in your hand without adding bulk. You don't need to be concerned about slipping because the Card has an excellent feel. 

Features Of ChargeCard - AquaVault Shark Tank ChargeCard Reviews 

You won't need to carry around a separate chord in your backpack because the ChargeCard comes equipped with both iOS and Android charging cables. Making it a simple power bank to carry everywhere. When charging your devices away from the house, the ChargeCard includes four LED power indicator lights on the side that let you know how much power is still in the portable charging bank.  

In addition to charging smartphones, the cables may also be used to charge AirPods, other headphones, Kindles, iPads, and other gadgets. Other features of this fast-charging ultra-thin power bank that set it apart from many other similar products on the market are discussed below.  

  • USB Rechargeable 

You can use a regular USB cable from any device to replenish the battery in your ChargeCard so you can keep recharging your gadgets while you're on the go. 

  • Stainless Steel 

ChargeCard is composed of stainless steel for optimal durability and longevity. This gives it a robust build quality and substantial weight in your pocket. 

  • Four LED Power Indicator Lights 

ChargeCard has four LED power indicator lights that you can use to monitor your ChargeCard's battery life, decide when it needs to be recharged, and see how much more power it can supply to your phone while you're on the road. 

  • ChargeCard is lightweight and portable 

Another issue with the conventional smartphone charger is that people often put them in bags and backpacks since they don't store them properly. These bags, unfortunately, tend to gather dirt and dust. Not to mention that you probably keep other things in your luggage as well. Anything in your EDC, including pens, thumbtacks, and pocket knives, has the potential to scratch or harm your charger. On the other hand, this very tiny charger stays safe and secure in your wallet. Therefore, you won't ever have to worry about it gathering dust or being damaged by your laptop. It is conveniently transportable in a wallet, pocket, or handbag. The charger is convenient to carry wherever you go because it is similar in height and breadth to a credit card but is thicker. 

  • All Smartphones are Compatible with Interchangeable Cables 

ChargeCard offers on-the-go charging for Apple, Android, and other devices. With the bundled lightning, micro-USB, and USB-C connectors, each ChargeCard makes it simple to charge whatever device you need while on the road. 

  • Fast Charge Technology 

You are incorrect if you believe that the ChargeCard by AquaVault's unique design limits its functionality. In fact, you can count on this little device to quickly charge your gadgets. With its 2,700 mAh battery and fast-charge technology, you would not have to wait for hours to use your gadgets once again. Let's imagine you have a few minutes to get out of the office, but your phone's battery is becoming low. For an instant boost, only plug your phone into our travel charger. 

ChargeCard uses fast charge technology to charge any associated devices quickly (through a 1.5A current), enabling you to recharge your device and resume your previous activity swiftly. 

  • World's Tiniest Emergency Phone Charger 

ChargeCard touts itself as the smallest emergency phone charger in the world and a gadget you can be proud of. In contrast to the majority of people, ChargeCard encourages you to boast about your phone charger. 

  • premium finish  

ChargeCard has a laser-etched premium finish that adds to its overall design and appeal. You can enjoy fashionable laser etching on your charger in place of having cheap, peeling plastic. 

  • Fits in a Wallet 

ChargeCard is small enough to fit inside a wallet and can be inserted into the credit card slot. 

  • Powerful Battery 

The 2,300mAh battery within the ChargeCard is capable of charging the average gadget from 0% to 100%. 

  • Elegant engineering  

ChargeCard doesn't just work well; it excels. And it looks awesome. It is created to maximize on-the-go charging without being overly flashy. 

Pros And Cons Of Using The AquaVault ChargeCard - AquaVault ChargeCard Reviews 

Pros Of Shark Tank AquaVault ChargeCard 

  • The AquaVault Charge Card comes with free delivery and a 30% savings 

  • On the official website, four interest-free payments are available 

  • Shark Tank endorses the product 

  • Customers who have bought and used the AquaVault Charge Card have left a lot of favorable feedback 

  • When compared to certain large power banks, the Charge Card is more cheap 

Cons Of Shark Tank AquaVault ChargeCard 

  • Make your purchases from the official website to prevent buying counterfeit goods; 

  • The charging cable can be brittle. 

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How Does ChargeCard Work? 

The Card's corner-mounted ChargeCard supports three different types of charging cables. Detach the ChargeCard corner when you need to charge your device, plug it into your tablet or smartphone, and then enjoy convenient on-the-go charging. 

Additionally, you can keep using AquaVault Charger, the ChargeCard, while using your phone. You might, for instance, use your phone as usual while holding ChargeCard in your hand. Whatever you're doing, the device keeps charging your device. With ChargeCard, you can use your device as usual to do things like browse social media or make an urgent phone call. 

With ChargeCard, you can charge different kinds of devices wherever you are, thanks to its support for USB-C, Lightning, and micro-USB. Including smartphones, tablets, wireless earphones, and other electronics with a USB-C, Lightning, or micro-USB connector, ChargeCard is compatible with Apple, Android, and other devices. 

Benefits Of ChargeCard - AquaVault Shark Tank ChargeCard Reviews 

  • When your phone's battery dies at the worst times, the charge card's ultra-fast charging capability is crucial. 

  • You don't need to carry your cords around thanks to the included replaceable cables; 

  • You have unrestricted freedom with the AquaVault Charge Card because you can carry it everywhere; 

  • Fits neatly in your wallet, pocket, backpack, or purse is the AquaVault Charge Card; 

  • The AquaVault Charge Card does not have cumbersome, long wires, making it a discrete power bank that can charge several devices. 

  • Works with all devices, including Apple, Android, and others 

  • Ultra-fast charging technology built into built-in charging cables for USB-C, Lightning, and micro-USB (1.5A) 

  • 2,300mAh high-capacity battery in stainless steel with a quality finish. 

Where To Buy ChargeCard? 

On the official website, you can purchase AquaVault ChargeCard and receive a special 30% discount along with free shipping. 

Purchasing AquaVault Charger, the ChargeCard,  today has the following pricing implications: 

  • One ChargeCard costs $59.95. 

  • $95.92 for 2 ChargeCards (a 20% discount) 

  • 3 ChargeCards for $125.90 (a 30% discount) 

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Final Verdict On ChargeCard Reviews - AquaVault ChargeCard Reviews 

The handy fast-charging Card is the tiniest emergency phone charger known to man. It is the same size as your credit card and fits in your wallet, pocket, or purse. It is compatible with both types of mobile phones, Android and iOS devices, features quick charging technology, and includes built-in cords. 

When your phone battery fails unexpectedly, the AquaVault Charge Card can save your life. The Charge Card is the ideal travel item because you can use it everywhere you go, whether you're on vacation or in a coffee shop. With the Card, you may avoid lugging cumbersome, long USB wires. 

The ChargeCard portable charger is so slim that it can fit in any regular pocket, handbag, or backpack, as well as the credit card slot in your wallet. It's the tiniest emergency there is. Dead batteries are a thing of the past thanks to ChargeCard, which was created for convenience and quick, on-the-go charging. ChargeCard supports USB-C, Lightning, and micro USB and has a strong battery and fast charging capabilities, making it possible to charge any device wherever you are quick. 

Therefore, the ChargeCard is the ideal portable charger to tuck into your wallet if you've been looking for a discrete power bank to charge your gadgets while you're on the road. 

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