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Chaitali Himanshu Jhaveri From Cosmic Healings By Chaitali Says -

Mrs Chaitali Himanshu Jhaveri , a resident of Mumbai, who has created her unique identity in the society with her hard work and true dedication. Cosmic Healings by Chaitali has its her own business in which they provide various types of Reiki, Access Bar, Akashic Record Reading, Energetic Facelift, Magnified Healing, Lamafera Healing Workshops and Services to the people.

Chaitali Himanshu Jhaveri

I, Chaitali Himanshu Jhaveri, was born in a bigoted family in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I was always a cheerful and mysterious girl, never thought much about doing anything outside the family. When you are born in a family as illiberal as or as intolerant as mine, there is not much to think about. Your only goal as a woman is to get married, have kids, and make the husband and in laws happy. I too, just like any other woman in my family, got married at the age of 19, with the same ideology. Had a son at 22 and adapted to the environment around. But I could feel the void inside me which was asking for its own identity; some forgotten dreams which I had while I was a child, they all started coming back to me all at once. And then I decided to follow them. I have always felt more connected with my spiritual and ideological cell, so I decided to tread the path which felt more like me and less like I was following someone else's life. Seven years ago, I started to move in the directions of my dreams. I started offering online Reiki and other healing modalities classes; the society had a negative image about it. (Referred to as 'black magic' in our part of the country).  

Despite all the odds, I kept going, and today I have clients across the globe. I have joined many non-governmental organizations, and provide healing and meditation services to people. I train people in different healing modalities to stay healthy as mind, body and soul. 

What is the significance of this life? How to know what is the key factor to know ourselves. 

Along with these queries also talk to about how to keep yourself happy, healthy and vigilant. On these topics I have done many national and international researches and seminars. I guide people how through these workshops and courses you can change your life completely through these courses you will be able to understand the relation between your body and soul and it will also amaze you how with little effort and time you can maintain a positive approach and a healthy lifestyle. 

All of your questions about how to connect to one spiritual self or how to help your inner self to see positivity around will be answered in my classes and workshop. 

To connect with me in this healing and meditation journey I surely will be a good guide to you.  

Women have unlimited power and can be great influencers. It is never too late to understand that power. Apart from working as a trainer in reiki and different healing modalities I am the brand ambassador for many institutions of this field, I had another dream - acting and modeling. I started riding myself and lost 50 kilos in a span of just few years. This infused a new energy in my whole personality. I gained more courage and confidence. With god's grace and my husbands and son’s constant support and encouragement, in 2021, I started my first debut album song with 'Tere Jaaye Pache', a Haryanvi project. 


Through this music album project, I fulfilled that longing of the mind, it was a wonderful project. Various organizations honored me for my work and social services.  

A few of my works and achievements are AR K Foundation, Brand Ambassador of Humanity and Spirituality,  

Mrs. Maharashtra 1st Runner Up & 

Mrs. Versatile by Mrs. Radiant Maharashtra,  

The Ramp Queen by Calendar Journey,  

Mrs. Confident & Mrs. India Curvy by LA Global Foundation. 

Woman is a storehouse of unlimited power and she should be aware of her potential. This is the message to all women power that do whatever your inner instinct wants you to do.

My All-spiritual journey gave me wings to fly but why fly only when you can soar high. I would say Just Follow Your Dreams, because where there is a will there is way.

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