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Cardano Price Prediction: Dangerous Downward Spiral – ADA Plunging Below 20 Cents?

Instead of hoping that Cardano (ADA) will bounce back, crypto investors should opt instead for FightOut, Dash 2 Trade, C+Charge, RobotEra and Calvaria.



There once was a time when investors had high hopes for Cardano (ADA), but that seems to be quite a long time ago now. Cardano has been on a dangerous downward spiral in the last year, with ADA losing 81.51% of its value in the last 12 months, as of December 30. The coin is all the way down to $0.24, and it's possible that it could plunge below 20 cents in the near future. 

Is there any hope for a rebound for Cardano? We'll analyze that below in this price prediction, as well as look at five other crypto projects that are making for much better investments than ADA -- FightOut (FGHT), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), C+Charge (CCHG), RobotEra (TARO) and Calvaria (RIA).  


Cardano Price Prediction 

Will Cardano continue its plunge and get below 20 cents, or will it begin to rise back up again? 

Below is a Cardano price prediction on where the value could go in the next few years. 


Expected low 

Expected high 










If the above predictions hold true, then Cardano would increase in value by about 122% between 2023 and 2025. Then, it could soar by around 604% between 2025 and 2030.  

There are some issues with this prediction, though. For one, Cardano would have to start experiencing some kind of positive turnaround in the near future for it to even be able to hit those 2023 expectations. It's been on such a decline recently that sentiment is truly turning sour. If ADA isn't able to show signs of positive gains at all, then it might never go back up again. 


Second, you have to wonder whether positive outlooks for ADA are just pie-in-the-sky hopes at this point. In other words, while climbing above $5 might have seemed like a no-brainer for ADA in years past, it seems far-fetched at this point. 

Many crypto investors are turning away from Cardano because of this, hesitant to even take a chance. Instead, they're investing in the five crypto projects below that are all showing positive signs of huge returns ahead. 

FightOut Rewarding Users for Moving 


FightOut is one of the leading Move-to-Earn (M2E) crypto projects, and it's changing the industry. Instead of just rewarding users for taking steps and meeting those goals, FightOut is tracking all different fitness metrics to help people reach their healthy living goals. 

In the process of tracking those metrics, users will be rewarded for what they're able to accomplish. They'll also be able to see their progress on an avatar of themselves, and invest in building up that avatar, too. All of this motivates users to continue using and investing in FightOut, which increases its value from an investment standpoint. 

FightOut is in early presale stages now, so the best time to invest is now while the price is still low. 

Dash 2 Trade Making Crypto Trading Easier 

Crypto traders can rejoice at Dash 2 Trade, a leading crypto signals, bot & analytics platform that's about to hit the market. Through its impressive buy/sell and social signals, traders can understand what projects are worth investing in and which are worth passing on. 


The proprietary presale score that D2T provides helps traders separate the contenders from the pretenders in these new crypto projects, too, which is a truly unique aspect of the platform. 

There's only about a week left in the Dash 2 Trade presale, so hurry and buy before it's listed on various CEXs. 

C+Charge Democratizing Carbon Credits 

C+ Charge

C+Charge is a new P2P payment system for electronic vehicle charging stations that's built on the blockchain. The platform is democratizing carbon credits, allowing users to pay for EV charging through individual electronic wallets they're allocated. 

This is essential to the future of carbon reduction, and with EVs increasing in popularity, so, too, will the value of the $CCHG token, which is the utility token used to pay for the charging. C+Charge is in early presale now, so don't delay buying it any longer. 


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RobotEra Creating New Worlds 

Users on RobotEra can enter the sandbox-like, planet-rebuilding metaverse and create whatever they can imagine. From theme parks, to museums, to concert halls and more, users will help to rebuild the beautiful planet of Taro after a long war. 

In doing so, they can collaborate with others and create new NFT communities -- all of which can be traded on third-party platforms. This makes the $TARO token all the more valuable as an investment, too. 

RobotEra is in early presale stages now. Buy it up before the price soars. 

Calvaria Recruiting New Users in Unique Ways 

Calvaria is looking to expand the usage of crypto gaming, and it's doing so in a unique way. By providing a free version of its P2E battle card game, Calvaria is giving users who aren't familiar with crypto a chance to try it out. Then, they are educating them about how crypto gaming works, and all the benefits of it, by highlighting how much they would've earned in real-time. 


It's a great way to drum up interest for the game and create an engaged pool of new users who will stick around for a while. That's why the $RIA token is going to be so valuable. 

The RIA presale is almost over, though, so hurry and buy now before it's gone. 

Buy These Five Cryptos Now Instead of Cardano 

Cardano used to be a great buy for many people, but those days are long gone at this point. It's not worth taking a risk on ADA any more, as it looks like the downward plunge could continue well below 20 cents. 

If you're looking for solid crypto investments, turn to FightOut, Dash 2 Trade, C+Charge, RobotEra and Calvaria instead All are in early stages right now, which makes it the prime time to buy. But, don't hesitate any longer, as the low prices aren't going to last for long.