Capturing Love's Eternal Moments: Top 2 Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata

In this article, we will explore two prominent names in the industry, "Birdlens Creation" and "Bong Wedding Photography" who have earned a reputation as the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Best Wedding Photographers In Kolkata

In Kolkata, a city known for its joy, culture, and creativity, finding the perfect wedding photographer to capture your special day can be overwhelming. To ease your search, we have compiled a list of the top 2 wedding photographers in Kolkata, renowned for their exceptional portfolios, glowing reviews, numerous awards, and popularity.

These skilled photographers specialize in various wedding photography genres, including candid, traditional, cinematic, pre-wedding, and destination shoots. With an impressive repertoire of work capturing the essence of Kolkata and its people, they possess a deep understanding of the city's rich heritage in literature, music, cinema, and photography.

When choosing a wedding photographer, it's essential to find someone who can grasp your vision, style, and personality. These photographers excel at this, ensuring that the photographs they deliver not only preserve your cherished memories but also reflect your emotions and unique love story.

Having covered weddings across India and even abroad, they have received accolades from satisfied clients. Despite their exceptional skills and reputation, they remain affordable and flexible, offering customized packages that fit your specific needs and budget. With their expertise and artistic touch, these photographers promise to make your wedding memories unforgettable.

Top 2 Best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Weddings are joyous celebrations of love, and capturing those cherished moments is an art that requires a keen eye and impeccable skills. Kolkata, known for its rich cultural heritage, is home to some of the finest wedding photographers in India. In this article, we will explore two prominent names in the industry, "Birdlens Creation" and "Bong Wedding Photography" who have earned a reputation as the best wedding photographers in Kolkata.

1. Birdlens Creation: Preserving Your Precious Moments

When it comes to capturing the essence of a wedding, "Birdlens Creation" stands out as a paragon of excellence. Established by Mr. Subhajit Banik in 2015, this studio has garnered a reputation for producing breathtakingly beautiful wedding photographs.


What sets Birdlens Creation apart from others is their ability to encapsulate emotions in a single frame.

They believe that a wedding is not just an event; it is a beautiful journey filled with love, joy, and tears of happiness. Each photograph taken by Birdlens Creation narrates a unique story, conveying the love shared between two souls and the happiness of families coming together.


The team at Birdlens Creation consists of talented and experienced photographers who have an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the most candid moments. They blend traditional and contemporary styles to ensure that every photograph speaks volumes about the couple's personality and the overall aura of the wedding.

Services offered by Birdlens Creation- include pre-wedding shoots, wedding photography and videography, candid photography, and post-wedding shoots, new born baby photography, maternity photography.

Their approach is personalized, and they work closely with their clients to understand their preferences, allowing them to deliver a tailored experience that exceeds expectations.

Company Details:

Address : Laketown, 123, Canal St, Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700048

Website :


Email ID :

Chat on WhatsApp : +91 89105 75255

Services : Wedding Photography, Pre-Wedding Photography, Baby Photography, Maternity Photography

Contact : 08910575255

Establised : 2015

Google Rating : 4.9 (230)

2. Bong Wedding Photography: Where Tradition Meets Artistry

Bong Wedding Photography: wedding Photographer in Kolkata, is a name synonymous with artistry and elegance. With a remarkable portfolio that showcases an amalgamation of cultural heritage and modern creativity, this studio has made its mark as one of Kolkata's premier wedding photography companies.

The team at Bong Wedding Photography believes that every wedding is a celebration of traditions, and they take pride in capturing the essence of Bengali weddings with finesse. Whether it's the joyful "sindoor khela" or the soul-stirring "bidaai," Bong Wedding Photography ensures that every cultural nuance is depicted with utmost respect and beauty.

Their candid photography style allows them to capture fleeting moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. Through their lenses, they etch memories that couples can cherish for a lifetime. Their ability to infuse the right amount of creativity and traditional charm into each photograph makes them the top choice for many couples tying the knot in Kolkata.

Bong Wedding Photography offers a range of packages to cater to different requirements and budgets. From small intimate gatherings to grand gala weddings, they tailor their services to ensure that every couple's story is narrated through breathtaking photographs.

Company Details

Address: 46/5, Green Park Rd, Block A, Lake Town, Kolkata, West Bengal 700055


Email ID:

Services: Wedding Photography, Pre-Wedding Photography, Baby Photography, Maternity Photography

Contact: +91 78726 44844

Google Rating: 4.9 (69)


In conclusion, we hope you found this blog post helpful in finding the best wedding photographer for your special day in Kolkata. While the photographers mentioned here are among the top choices, there are many other talented professionals in the city who can create beautiful and memorable wedding photos.

To start your search, explore various platforms like WedMeGood, WeddingWire, Canvera, ShaadiWish, and more. These platforms offer portfolios and reviews of photographers, making it easier to make an informed decision.

Remember to book your photographer well in advance, especially during the peak wedding season, as they get booked quickly. Before finalizing the deal, have a detailed discussion with the photographer about your preferences, expectations, and budget. It's also crucial to have a written contract to avoid any misunderstandings or disagreements later on.

With the right photographer capturing your special moments, your wedding day will become a cherished memory that lasts a lifetime. Happy wedding planning!

FAQs- Best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

A) How to find the best wedding photographer in Kolkata?

There are several ways to find the best wedding photographer in Kolkata:

Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or relatives who have hired wedding photographers before.

Look through online platforms like WedMeGood, WeddingWire, Canvera, ShaadiWish, etc. These platforms showcase portfolios, reviews, ratings, and contact details of various wedding photographers in Kolkata.

Visit the websites, social media pages, and blogs of the photographers you are interested in to check their work, style, and packages.

Arrange a personal or virtual meeting with the photographers to discuss your preferences, expectations, and budget.

Factors to consider while choosing a wedding photographer in Kolkata:

Determine the style and genre of wedding photography you prefer, such as candid, traditional, cinematic, pre-wedding, or destination photography.

Evaluate the quality and creativity of the photographer's work by reviewing their portfolio, testimonials, and any awards they may have received.

Consider the experience and professionalism of the photographer, looking into their credentials, reputation, and communication skills.Ensure the photographer's availability and flexibility, checking their booking status, travel policy, and cancellation policy.Compare the photographers' packages, services, and discounts to find the one that fits your budget and offers good value for money.

B) How much time in advance should I book a wedding photographer in Kolkata?

To secure the services of a wedding photographer in Kolkata, it's advisable to book well in advance, especially during the peak wedding season. Ideally, you should book your photographer at least 6 to 12 months before your wedding date. If you have a specific photographer in mind, book them as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

C) How long does it take for a wedding photographer in Kolkata to deliver the final photos and videos?

The delivery time for the final photos and videos varies based on factors like the amount of content taken, editing process, format of delivery, and agreement with the photographer. Typically, it takes around 6 to 8 weeks for a wedding photographer in Kolkata to deliver the final photos and videos. Some photographers may offer express delivery or sneak peeks for an extra charge.

D) How can I get the best out of my wedding photography session in Kolkata?

To make the most of your wedding photography session in Kolkata, follow these tips:

Plan the session well in advance with your photographer, sharing your vision, style, and ideas while considering their suggestions.Choose a suitable location for the photography session, utilizing iconic places like Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge, Princep Ghat, Eco Park, and Kumartuli. Dress comfortably and confidently, wearing outfits that suit your personality and the theme, and avoiding anything that clashes with the background.

Relax and enjoy the session, being yourself and expressing your emotions naturally. Don't be shy or nervous, have fun with your partner and photographer, and create memorable moments.