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Can Big Eyes Keep Up With Crypto Giants Like Ethereum And Cardano

Big eyes have made over $31M during its presale alone, and it is expected that Big Eyes will only continue to grow.

Big Eyes

There is no doubt that Big Eyes is making its way to becoming one of the top-ranked cryptocurrencies on market cap, especially as Big Eyes isn’t shy to give back to the people. So the question remains, will Big Eyes be able to make it to the top with the rest of the crypto giants?  

Ethereum: The First Of Its Kind  

Ethereum is the very foundation of blockchain technology as we know it. Because Ethereum is the first blockchain network that introduced smart contracts, the platform has paved the way for many altcoins by providing a place to host their tokens. As well as this, many other things are available on the Ethereum blockchain, such as non-fungible tokens or NFTs, currency exchange services, gameplay, social media and so much more. The lack of censorship and the ability to truly own your assets within the blockchain is what makes Ethereum such a popular platform.  

Ethereum has such a large ecosystem that experts say Ethereum is likely to survive in the market long term as opposed to competitors like Cardano. Alternatively, due to the large volume of users, the network has, the speed of the transactions could be an issue. Ethereum only allows for 15-30 transactions per second. New competitors like Cardano have a higher transaction speed.  

Cardano: Ethereum’s Upgrade  

Cardano’s purpose is to function as the next level of blockchain technology. The Cardano blockchain is supported by a strong team of science specialists and academic experts who have researched thoroughly the details of blockchain technology. They also have the funding to build a strong team and contribute to the development of the platform. Cardano runs an energy-efficient blockchain, as this was one of the main focuses for the developers of the blockchain. This means that it is a lot cheaper to complete transactions as well, compared to Ethereum.  

However, just because the price is lower, doesn’t mean that this is a better deal. Especially as there are many competitors on the market at the moment, Avalanche (AVAX) and Solana (SOL) to name a few. This creates less demand for the token which would explain why the prices are so low.  


Big Eyes Has A Big Surprise 

Big eyes have made over $31M during its presale alone, and it is expected that Big Eyes will only continue to grow. Big Eyes has made recent history with its presale, changing the game forever. Being one of the most generous cats in crypto, Big Eyes is allowing anyone who invests to stand a chance to win three times more! By using the vault code: 300, investors will get a chance to win three extra loot boxes. If someone contributes $100 to the Big Eyes ecosystem, they will get three loot boxes worth $100 instead of just one.  

It is no wonder that Big Eyes is so popular, due to its continuous generosity, many are set to win big money. Another admirable thing that Big Eyes has to offer is the dedication to saving the oceans. By donating five per cent of all tokens to charities, Big Eyes can help save the oceans from overfishing and pollution. After all, a cat has got to eat! 

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