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Bybit Referral Code: FREE4100 (2022 Claim Sign Up Bonus)

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit was founded in March 2018 to provide crypto traders with an ultra-fast matching engine and excellent customer service.

Bybit Referral Code

FREE4100 is Bybit referral code. Using this referral code you can claim sign up upto $4100. New Bybit users can use the referral code to receive the best Bybit referral bonus and unlimited discounts. 

The Bybit referral code 2022 is FREE4100. Bybit is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges, with more than 2 million registered users. 

What is Bybit Referral Code? 

FREE4100 is Bybit referral code. You will receive an unlimited discount on trading fees by applying the code. Also earn up to 30% trading commissions on each successful referral by inviting your friends to sign up with Bybit referral code. 

Bybit Referral Code 

Bybit Referral Code 


Signup Rewards     

Upto $4100 Bonus 

Referral Code   


Refer and Earn   

 30% Trading Commissions 

Bybit Promo Code   


How to Apply Bybit Referral Code and Get $40 Bonus 

2. After that, you will need to tap on the sign up button on the registration page. 

3. Make sure that your email address is valid and that you have entered a valid password 

Enter ByBit Promo Code: FREE4100 to get a $40 bonus. 

4. Then tap the Submit Button, select No, and then verify your email address with the secured OTP. 

About Bybit 

Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit was founded in March 2018 to provide crypto traders with an ultra-fast matching engine and excellent customer service. 

A user-friendly interface and powerful charting engine are included in Bybit. You are guaranteed not to be overloaded. Withdrawals can be made up to 3 times a day manually using our advanced system. Live customer service is available 24x7. 

What is Best Bybit app Referral Code 

The Bybit app referral code is FREE4100. Using this code you will get a sign up bonus upto $4100. Share your code with your friends and earn $40. The best Bybit referral code 2022 is FREE4100. 

Bybit Referral Program 

Using your exclusive referral link or code, invite your friends to become Bybit members and participate in the Cashback Referral Program. Incentives will be given to both you and your invited friends once they qualify as referees.  

Referring your friend to Bybit can earn you cashback rewards on a percentage of your referral's trading volume when they trade on Spot or Derivatives and complete their tasks.  

It is only necessary to complete the cashback tasks before the campaign ends. Go to the Referral page for more information about reward tasks.  

How do I get a referral code for Bybit? 

You can follow below steps to get your own Bybit referral code 

1. To share the referral code, open the Bybit website or Bybit app. 

2. From the top right corner, click the profile icon. 

3. You are now ready to scroll through the referral program from the sidebar. 

4. If you click on the referral code, you will be able to copy it. 

5. Or generate your QR code or referral link to share via LinkedIn, Telegram, Talk, Line, Etc. 

Why to Join the Bybit Affiliate Program? 

The Bybit Affiliate Program provides lifetime commissions to our partners. Commissions are calculated real-time, for users who sign up through our partner’s link and trade on Bybit. Their partners will gain access to a dedicated account manager who will help with marketing and technical support to help improve their conversions. 

How to Join Bybit Affiliate Program 

  1. Go to the and press the “Apply” button. 

  1. Fill in a quick questionnaire about yourself and your plans to promote Bybit. 

  1. Once their team evaluates your application and ensures you meet the criteria, your application will be approved! 


The Bybit app referral code is FREE4100 by applying you will get the best signup bonus. You can also share your referral code with your friends and earn 30% trading fees on each referral trading. 

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