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Bullish Or Bearish Market: Where Are We Now?

Is the stock market a bullish market or a bearish market? What is the current economy's most likely trajectory?

Bullish Or Bearish Market: Where Are We Now?
Bullish Or Bearish Market: Where Are We Now?

You've likely heard the terms bear market and bull market being used as context to what's happening in the stock market. But you might be wondering exactly what those terms mean and how they differ from each other. Never fear because this article breaks down several key terms related to these concepts that you'll need to know and the state of the market right now!

What is a Bullish Market?

A bull market is a scenario where stock prices continuously go up. The values of stocks can go up more than 20% over 12 months. Most people believe that their investments will continue to increase in value in the bull market. It’s generally thought to be smart to sell your stock when it’s at its highest price during a bull market, which can sometimes take years to reach.

What is a Bearish Market?

A bear market is a condition in which securities prices fall, and widespread pessimism causes the downward trend in prices to be sustained. The values of stocks can drop by more than 20% over 12 months. Generally, the decline follows a bull market period, typically associated with absent or modest returns in an overheated market.

Current State of Market

What is the current state of the market? Is the stock market a bullish market or a bearish market ? What is the current economy's most likely trajectory? Is it time to invest or time to save? Are we still in a bull market, or have we begun a bear market? 

We believe that maintaining a reasonable market perspective, knowing what is going on in the markets at any given time, and focusing on the big picture is critical to avoiding long-term investment blunders. With the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis, oil costs skyrocketing, inflation skyrocketing, the Fed raising rates, and asset markets under pressure, it is appropriate to take a more robust "bearish market" stance. The danger is that we might become so entrenched in that viewpoint that we overlook the inevitable shift to a broader "bullish market" mindset. 

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