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Bridging The Digital-Physical Gap: The Genesis And Mission Of Sekel Tech

Unveiling Sekel Tech: Pioneering the Convergence of Digital and Physical Realms


Rakesh Raghuvanshi, CEO and Founder of Sekel Tech

In an exclusive interview with Outlook India, Rakesh Raghuvanshi, CEO and Founder of Sekel Tech, shares the inspiration behind launching the company and discusses its unique approach to revolutionizing the retail technology landscape.

Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind founding Sekel Tech and the specific market challenges you aimed to address?

The inception of Sekel Tech was deeply rooted in a personal experience I encountered in Pune. While facing the seemingly straightforward task of replacing a car tire, I found it surprisingly challenging to locate an authorized dealer for a well-known brand through online searches. This experience led me to question why, despite substantial investments in advertising, brands struggled to effectively connect with customers eager to make a purchase. It became evident that there was a substantial gap between the digital and physical realms of customer engagement. Thus, I founded Sekel Tech with a primary focus on bridging this gap and revolutionizing how brands engage with their customers.


What are the primary challenges Sekel Tech aims to address in the market, and how do you plan to tackle them?

Sekel Tech is dedicated to addressing three pivotal challenges in the market. Firstly, we aim to improve the quality of leads for dealers and stores selling renowned brands. This involves ensuring that leads are not only plentiful but also of high quality, increasing the likelihood of conversion. Secondly, we seek to enhance the quality of engagement between end users and these dealers, particularly at the critical last mile of the customer journey. Finally, we endeavor to elevate the quality of reporting and response from the sales team to dealer inquiries and support requests. We plan to tackle these challenges through innovative platforms and tools such as the Sekel Discovery Platform, Data Platform, Demand Generation Platform, and SellrApp, each designed to address specific aspects of the customer engagement process.


Can you provide more detail on how Sekel Tech innovates to address these challenges?

Sekel Tech innovates to address these challenges by offering several platforms. Our Data Platform primarily helps brands gain a single view of their customers and measure conversions from their organic and paid activity across search, social, and local digital assets. The Hyperlocal Data Platform ensures end-to-end protection of brand, dealer, and user data with compliance measures. The Discovery Platform is equipped with an in-built CMS for all dealer digital assets, complete inventory management, and a dynamic product catalogue with an inbuilt data schema structure for real-time product selection, providing a great user experience. This allows brands to generate personalized landing pages at scale. The Demand Generation Platform is designed to help bid for the best keywords and phrases using first-party cookie-driven personas across all locations and at store levels. This helps maximize returns on ad investments across Google, Meta, email, and SMS marketing channels.

What specific benefits can organizations expect from implementing Sekel Tech's solutions?

Organizations implementing Sekel Tech's solutions can anticipate a myriad of compelling benefits. These include heightened organic visibility in the digital space, elevated levels of customer engagement, amplified lead generation, streamlined digital asset management, and access to invaluable data-driven insights. These benefits translate into tangible results, such as increased website traffic, elevated conversion rates, improved engagement statistics, and overall organizational growth and success.

Lastly, what lessons and insights have you gained during your journey as the founder of Sekel Tech?

The journey of founding and leading Sekel Tech has been incredibly enlightening. I've learned the importance of unwavering persistence in the face of challenges, the necessity of adaptability in an ever-changing market landscape, and the art of building and nurturing a cohesive team driven by a shared vision. Additionally, maintaining a relentless focus on customer-centricity, fostering a culture of innovation, forging strategic partnerships, and continuously seeking opportunities for learning and growth have been instrumental in Sekel Tech's success. These lessons continue to guide our endeavors as we navigate the dynamic technology landscape and strive to deliver unparalleled value to our clients and partners.