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Bondic Reviews - Does Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder Really Work? Read Before You Buy

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Bondic Reviews - Does Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder Really Work? Read Before You Buy

Bondic glue is a more powerful glue which can fix broken items in seconds. Bondic is the patented liquid plastic welder that hardens in seconds when exposed to UV light. It is manufactured in the USA based company as a result of partnership developed by Serial entrepreneur Robert Harbauer and Dr Thomas Offermann, a local oral surgeon. This is a nontoxic and 100% safe to use product for every type of fixations. With the advance features of this amazing glue, it becomes the most popular fixing agent over 100 countries now.

Bondic Glue
Bondic Glue

Importance of UV glue:

Referred to as liquid glue, UV glue curing is a superior bonding method although this is really a polymer, rather than a glue. This polymer is often in a silicon glue form, an epoxy, polyurethane, or other polymer that will dry clear only when exposed to UV light. The UV wavelength is a catalyst for a photochemical reaction which causes the polymer to harden, almost instantly. In most cases, the polymer will harden when exposed to UV light for only three seconds, although some applications may recommend exposure for ten to fifteen seconds providing optimum bonding adhesion. This is still considerably less time required for curing polymers than other methods, providing maximum efficiency in several adhesion processes.

UV glue curing is gaining popularity over other methods of bonding such as drying or exposure to chemicals, growing at a rate of 10% per year. Bonding with heat or drying works by evaporation, which can be inconsistent and can also take time for the inks to dry. Chemical treatment can be costly to purchase materials and may expose employees to harmful inhalants or respiratory contaminants. UV glue curing is quick and consistent, providing, and instant hardened surface with no harmful chemical exposure.

Whatever the polymer used, the glue will not harden until exposed to UV light. This is advantageous over substances such as instant super glues that can stick to fingers or other areas not meant to be bonded together. With UV polymer or glue curing, the bonding area is targeted, drying instantly only in the area meant to be bonded. The photochemical reaction occurs when the polymer, or glue, is exposed to UV light at particular wavelengths occurring between 240 Nanometer (nm) and 270 nm and 350nm to 380 nm.

In some cases, a second layer can be applied, providing even more strength for an unbreakable bond. This UV glue curing process can be used on almost any substrate, bonding plastic, glass, metal and wood, and even glass to glass, or any variation imaginable. This versatile process can even be applied to three-dimensional parts, saving time and money with quick all over curing.

The benefits of UV glue curing are evident just from the increased productivity. The speed at which parts can be cured is a huge benefit, as increased efficiency equals increased profits. Products speeding by on a conveyor belt undergoing a superior bonding process while on their way to a packing or inspection station is a big time-saver over a lengthy chemical treatment or drying station, thus reducing labor or additional process stations.

Reduced labor is an advantage, along with reduced set up time and reduced clean up time. A UV polymer curing station would carry a small footprint, not taking nearly as much space as an alternative curing station. Combined with the high yield enjoyed with this process, the efficiency of UV curing pays with a quick return on investment.

Improved quality is one of the biggest benefits realized with UV glue curing over other methods, as a consistent process equates to improved quality. With UV curing there is no loss of volume or thickness as with drying methods causing evaporation. The more consistent UV curing process also means reduced scrap, which is another goal for improved quality.

parts, with improved scratch resistance and enhanced gloss are also additional benefits with this enhanced curing process. UV glue curing provides an unbreakable bond, with improved part visual appeal and functionality. All of this happens with an environmentally friendly process and no harsh chemicals.

What is Bondic Glue?

Bondic glue is a more powerful glue which can fix broken items in seconds. Bondic is the patented liquid plastic welder that hardens in seconds when exposed to UV light. It is manufactured in the USA based company as a result of partnership developed by Serial entrepreneur Robert Harbauer and Dr Thomas Offermann, a local oral surgeon. This is a nontoxic and 100% safe to use product for every type of fixations. With the advance features of this amazing glue, it becomes the most popular fixing agent over 100 countries now.

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Key Specifications of Bondic Glue:

This revolutionary fixing agent has many specific features over other conventional glue. Particularly, this fixing welder can fix any type of broken item within few seconds. Few key technical features of this advanced fixing agent can be summarized below.

  • Lightweight & Portable – Keep one at home, work, car, travel bag, and toolbox
  • Won’t Dry Out – Bondic is not a glue, so it won’t dry out in the bottle over time
  • Easy to Use – No long manual or learning curve. Just start bonding!
  • Convenient Refills – Replaceable refill cartridges make ‘topping-up’ quick and easy
  • Drying Source: UV light
  • Drops Per Package: 80
  • Expiration Date: None
  • Material Compatibility: Wood, metal, fabric, plastic, PVC, Kevlar
  • Drying Time: Seconds
  • Patented product

Key Benefits of Bondic Glue:

The advantages of Bondic outweigh the benefits of conventional and traditional fixing agents.

The advantages of this product can be summarized below.

  • It can both replace missing pieces when used as a filler and form tight bonds when used as an adhesive
  • Bondic lets you create the type of bonds that you need, including both permanent and temporary bonds
  • You can use the adhesive in molds to create custom parts without any residue sticking to the mold
  • Bondic does not use the same chemicals and other toxic ingredients in its formula that other glues can
  • You can store Bondic in more areas around your home without the formula drying out or sticking to the inside of the bottle
  • Bondic works on most materials without requiring separate glues for each one
  • Works on all materials, including wood, plastic, and metal
  • Easy to use
  • Forms both permanent and temporary bonds
  • Dries quickly

Consequently, Bondic makes thousands of lives in a better way by fixing their most precious items without throwing them out once they get broken.

The several advantages of this miracle product can be described below for your information and to illustrate how worthy this product is.

  • Water-Resistant - With Bondic, you can create a permanent hold that is resistant to water. This resistance seems to depend on how often you expose the object to water and how closely it comes into contact with the liquid. This means that if used on an object that is constantly being pelted by running water it might not last that long. Keep in mind that Bondic only becomes resistant to water once it fully dries as well.
  • Heat Resistant - Bondic is resistant to heat and high-temperature changes. If you want to use the welding kit in an extremely hot area such as your oven, I recommend checking on the weld each time you use the appliance to make sure that it still works and is secure.
  • Long-Lasting Bonds - Most adhesives only create temporary bonds. Looking at the reviews for Bondic the common trend is people are happy with how long the bonds of Bondic last. Some claims go as far to say that Bondic kept a bond for months to years.If you want an even more secure bond, you can apply one layer of the adhesive to the inside of the broken part and use a second layer on the top.
  • Can be used on any type of Materials – The best advantage of Bondic is it removes much of the need for a wide selection of specialty glues. Though it is primarily a plastic welding kit, it can work on wood, metal, old clothes and likely numerous other materials.
  • Fast Drying - This is the main overall advantage of Bondic I found. All it takes is a few seconds under the UV light to get a strong bond, and it can dry in as little as 10 seconds. It’s hard to find any other adhesive that dries this fast without also creating a sticking nightmare.
  • Cleaner Gluing - Another advantage of Bondic is that it offers clean gluing. You can apply one small drop at a time without worrying about the liquid pouring out too much. It stays exactly where you put it too. In cases of spills or accidents, you can easily remove Bondic with an organic solution as well.

Cons of Bondic:

  1. Only available online from the official website as no retail store to buy this advanced product. This is to ensure that customers are not buying the duplicate product.
  2. Limited stocks

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What Comes in the Bondic Kit?

The starter kit is the most basic kit of the Bondic and it includes all of the following.

  • Bondic bottle: The most important item in the starter kit is the bottle of Bondic. This bottle contains enough of the adhesive for multiple applications.
  • Applicator tip: Your starter kit will also come with an applicator tip. This tip looks similar to those found on ballpoint pens. It allows you to apply a thin layer of the adhesive to any surface without wasting any.
  • UV light tool: Unless you see the UV tool listed in the product description, you’ll want to order a different kit. Bondic will not work without this tool, but some kits require that you purchase the tool separately.
  • Carrying case: The basic starter kit comes with a metal carrying case with a bright silver finish. This case is more than large enough inside to hold your Bondic and other supplies. It even has enough room for the UV tool, which ensures that you never lose it. You can store both the UV light and the bottle of adhesive together.

How it works?

Bondic is as versatile as it is strong. Fill in gaps, weld around edges, even build shapes like a 3D printer. It’s truly revolutionary!

The liquid hardens once you shine the UV light onto it, which means you can harden immediately or wait as long as you need.

The UV light transforms the liquid into rock-solid plastic within 4 seconds of exposure. And, once it's hardened, you can file, sand, drill, paint, or mold it any way you want.


Bondic reviews illustrate its absolutely wonderful fixing ability. Most of the reviewers have given the 5 STAR rating for the product and it shows that reviewers are highly satisfied with the results they get after using this product. As proven by the stages of product testing, Bondic reviews also indicated the same technical functionality of this product making it the best fixing agent for the any type of material.

According to the Bondic reviews, no one complains about any negative aspect of the product, rather all the users are highly amazed by this fixing welder.

Few reviewer comments given by the users can be summarized below.

  • This stuff is amazing. It’s already paid for itself 3x over or more with just two repairs. First fix was my glasses frame, which I knocked a big chunk out of when I dropped them at a restaurant. I was able to fill in the gap with the Bondic kit and sand/shape the spot up good enough to be nearly good as new. Having a bit of practice now, I could probably do the job even better, but live and learn. Second fix was the dome light lens in my truck. I broke a plastic tab getting in a hurry. A replacement part from the dealer would have been $40 or more, but I was able to fabricate a piece from some garbage (actual packaging material slated for the trash bin) and fixed the lens with the Bondic kit. Absolutely amazing stuff. Freedom +Capitalism = Innovation! America! JULIE Y. - This is the best heater I’ve ever used. The fact that it’s so small and keeps me so warm is a 10/10. Great!
  • so, i bought this to fix a plastic to plastic bond for my expensive automatic open trash can of all things. day it was delivered i saw that the condiment shelf in our new fridge had been overloaded and cracked big time!! Nothing to lose, so we tried it there first. My husband is cautious with these "new " fixes, so used the UV light to cure the bond for twice as long. Really unbelievable. The best bond!! a little clear bead shows, but it is super strong. I would use this for any plastic bond. Super glue only works for little things and is so messy. kinda like JB weld for metals.
  • I've used this to fix some toys that snapped in half and a pair of kids sunglasses where the frame broke and lens popped out. So far, it's been great! In both cases, super glue alone wouldn't keep the items together but this did the trick. It works differently than superglue... Superglue allows you to put the adhesive between to surfaces and stick them together. This can't work like that because the liquid plastic stuff needs to see the blue light to harden. So, in all instance I've used it, there is a little bump or seam where the plastic was applied. However, it's pretty easy to use and make look neat. And, without this handy little invention, the items broken were doomed for the garbage. It's pretty nifty, I would definitely recommend it!
  • I normally don't write reviews, but I'm having so much fun with this product, I just had to write about it. First off, yes, it really does work. The bond it makes isn't always as strong as some super glues provide, but the ability to form an instant bond with complete control is incomparable. With this stuff, I've been able to repair things that I never could have fixed without it. My best example is a repair I made on an expensive color laser printer. The tiny plastic piece that tells the printer when the paper runs out was broken at a most inconvenient spot. Without it, the printer is useless. This piece has a thin axle about the diameter of a pencil lead. That axle feeds through a plastic support bracket and it rotates in that bracket. Well, of course, the axle broke right at the point where it passes through the bracket. As you can imagine, the surface area of the broken axle was to small for super glue to provide much of a bond. Also, there was no way for me to clamp or hold the piece still long enough for it to dry properly. In comes the Bondic. With Bondic, I was able to first put a tiny bead of glue on the end of the axle to give me more distance from the bracket. Next, I was able to attach the broken piece onto this bead to complete the repair. The Bondic had enough strength to support the piece and allow it to once again rotate to indicate paper height. The printer is saved! I truly don't know how I could have made that repair without it.

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Positive feedback given by the Bondic reviewers shows that people who use the product are really happy and satisfied with it and they want to impress others to try it too.

Bondic Price:

Even though Bondic is a one-of-an advantageous glue in the market, the price is very reasonable and affordable. Discounts and considerable price reductions for bulk purchases are always associated with this product. The price of one Bondic kit is about $30.86. If you buy two Bondic kits you will get one kit free which will save $30.86 from your pocket (Most popular value according to the official website). If you buy 3 Bondic kits together you will receive 2 kits free.

It is important to note that unlike most of the other online orders Bondic has fast shipping options available for more than 100 countries.

The above discounts and offers are subjected to both availabilities of stock and time of order. Therefore, be mindful to carefully go over the timely discounts available for Bondic every time you visit the website.

How to Order Bondic:

Bondic is only available online through the official website. Ordering your OWN Bondic is a hassle-free and simple process. Only you have to do is to visit the official website of the product and contact the product owner. Information on Bondic retail parks and deals, such as prices, discounts, offers as well as latest developed features are available on the official website. You only need to follow four simple steps to get your own Bondic glue at your doorstep:

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  1. Choose the number of Bondic units you intend to buy and add them to your shopping cart.
  2. Complete shipping information, such as your name, email address, phone number, home address, city, country, etc.
  3. Choose the payment method and enter card details.
  4. Take timely offers available at the time of order and confirm the order!

Please note that there could be several duplicate products of this nature available online on different websites, such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay or any other retail store. However, the purchase of genuine products is guaranteed only by contacting the product owner from the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How is Bondic® better than other glues or UV cured adhesives?Glue wishes it had the properties of Bondic®. Unlike regular-smegular glue, Bondic® can actually be used to replace missing pieces, and provides 3D properties. Glue cures when exposed to air; Bondic® only cures when you want it to. Bondic® is actually plastic in a liquid form, meaning you don’t need perfectly fitting parts – or even pressure between two parts – for it to work.
  • How many uses will I get out of one tube of Bondic®?
  • If it’s small repairs you’ve got planned, (iPhone cables, widgets, gadgets, etc.), you’ll get dozens of uses. Each tube contains about 80 drops of material. A larger repair (like an entire bookshelf) may require one or two tubes.
  • Is Bondic® easy to clean up?You bet! While still in liquid form, Bondic® can be wiped off any surfaces that are not absorbent. To make the process easier, we recommend using organic solvents.
  • Will Bondic® dry in the bottle or expire if I leave it on the shelf for too long?

Not a chance. Bondic® has no expiration date. It’s also not likely to dry out in storage, as the black tube and metal box protect it from UV light. Also it’s not like typical glues that cure when exposed to air.

  • I’ve got leaky pipes…will Bondic® hold up against running water?

Absolutely. Bondic® is waterproof; as long as the surface is not greasy, you can achieve full setting and adhesion.

  • Can I use Bondic® for outdoor projects?

Definitely! Bondic® is resistant to both weather and sunlight after hardening.

  • How well does Bondic® work on PVC tubing, Kevlar, or polypropylene?

As a matter of fact, Bondic® works very well with PVC tubing, Kevlar, and polypropylene – as long as you properly prepare the surface. Generally, you’ll want to prepare a ring around the item to create strength. Sometimes you even drill holes in both surfaces to create extra strength.

  • Is Bondic® dishwasher friendly?

Yes, after the Bondic® material has 100% cured it is completely waterproof and safe to put into the dishwasher. Just ensure the bond is strong enough to withstand the pressure of the dishwasher.

  • Is it safe? Or will my hands end up stuck together permanantly?

There is no risk of skin sticking uncontrollably and dangerously. Even so, we recommend you only let children over 12-13 years handle Bondic®.

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