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Best Private Instagram Viewer Sites

To ensure that you consume the best content out there, we have gathered some of the best private Instagram viewer sites currently available online.

Best Private Instagram Viewer Sites

Instagram is a social media application that has taken the world by storm in the past decade. You will find people from all demographics, age groups, nationalities, etc., on this site. Instagram allows users to share a part of their lives with their followers by uploading pictures, stories, reels, etc., about their daily lives and the events that go on around them. Instagram also allows users from around the globe to connect and get an insight into each other's cultures.

There are two types of profiles that you can make on Instagram. There is a private profile and a public profile. Public profiles can be viewed by anyone using the app. However, private profiles can only be viewed by people who follow you.

It is usually challenging to view private Instagram profiles because of the app's strict privacy policy that allows the account owner full authority over who gets to view the profile and who doesn't.

To help you overcome this, we are presenting you with an extremely simple solution. The best private Instagram viewer sites can help you access any private Instagram site in a few minutes without taking any complicated steps.

To ensure that you consume the best content out there, we have gathered some of the best private Instagram viewer sites currently available online. Not only do these guarantee your anonymity and safety, but they also ensure that you have a fulfilling experience without any complaints or hurdles. Read on to learn more about these platforms.

4 Private Instagram Profile Viewer

#1. UMobix - Overall Best Instagram Private Account Viewer


UMobix is the optimal site for concerned parents who want to keep track of their children's activities but are restricted by the privacy and security of their Instagram profiles. UMobix offers an effective solution by letting parents stay aware of what their children are up to by letting them view their private Instagram accounts in no time. One of the best features offered by this site is the free-trial option. You can get a feel for the app and assess its desirability and use beforehand before you decide to invest in it completely.

You can keep yourself reassured by using this as a tracking app for the safety of your children. It lets you view their GPS location, online activity, and general telephonic interactions. The app works on android and IOS and is extremely easy to access and user-friendly. It ensures that your confidentiality and anonymity are kept intact. Your children will never know that they are being tracked. Therefore you won't face any backlash from them. UMobix is one of the most secure sites out there, and it has managed to satisfy most of its valued customers through its flawless features.

The site works on most devices, and you can seek assistance from its website through the live chat option if you are having trouble setting it up. You can sign-up with ease, as the registration process is straightforward and uncomplicated. Once you have signed up, you can start viewing your child's activity easily and conveniently. It not only provides access to their social media, but it also allows you to track their browser history and the sites that they most frequently visit.


This site is equivalent to having your child's phone in front of you because it allows you to monitor everything you want. You can discover if your child is watching inappropriate content or accessing unsafe sites. With this information, you can start limiting their use and access to keep them secure and protected.

Overall, this site is one of the best options if you are looking for a private Instagram viewer platform, as it is secure and efficient. It has amazing features and lets you view all major social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc., and other online activities.


  • User-friendly and easy to access

  • Keeps your identity hidden and confidential

  • Allows you to view private social media profiles

  • Makes for an efficient tracker

  • Helps you monitor online searches

  • Supported by android and IOS

  • Helps parents track their children activities


  • Offers a free-trial period

  • Secure and protected site

  • Easy to navigate through

  • Your anonymity is ensured

  • The user interface guarantees convenience

  • The setup process is fairly simple

  • Offers value for money

  • You can access all the features offered by Instagram


  • The features may be limited on android devices

#2. MSpy - Highest Rated Instagram Profile Viewer

MSpy is a platform designed to help you track the direct messages someone may receive on Instagram. The direct messages feature on Instagram allows anybody and everybody to send you messages, and it can sometimes put your security at risk. Numerous fake profiles could coax you into believing false information and make you indulge in questionable activities. MSpy can help you monitor these messages to see whether they are coming from reliable sources and will not cause any potential harm to the user. Parents can use this application to keep account of their children's safety. MSpy is a secure and trustworthy platform, as per the array of positive reviews that it has earned.

This app is not limited to Instagram direct message viewing. It can also help you keep track of your child search history and overall online activity. You can receive notifications based on a particular subject that you can feed into the app beforehand for more specific and efficient tracking. It also acts as an effective GPS tracker and helps you access call and text message histories to gain deeper insight. MSpy lives up to its name by acting as the perfect spying tool for digital activity tracking.

Another favorable feature associated with this app is its ease of use. It can work on android and apple devices. There is no complicated interface, which adds to its overall appeal. It also has hands-on customer support services. If you ever face a problem with the application or require assistance, you can use the site's live chat option to contact customer care representatives. Customer support is available 24/7, a very facilitative feature for customers.

MSpy is also known for its affordable rates and the great utility and value it can provide its customers at such reasonable prices. It has all the features you may need from a private Instagram viewer site, as it allows you to access various options regarding social media applications and their features. The app is a great way to keep your children safe from online scams and the dangers that social media brings with it. MSpy also allows you to orchestrate what kind of applications someone can have access to. You can block certain apps on your tracking device if you consider them unsafe or inappropriate.



  • Allows you to monitor direct messages on Instagram

  • It can help you access various social media sites

  • Tracks all activities on a particular device

  • You can intercept calls and texts

  • Offers a free trial option for first-time customers

  • The interface is straightforward

  • It can be used with apple and android devices


  • Offers affordable prices

  • Customer service representatives are available 24/7

  • Ensures that your identity remains anonymous

  • You can block sites and applications

  • Easy to set up and install

  • Can efficiently monitor all online activities


  • Features may be limited depending on the nature of the device

#3. EyeZy - Most Popular Instagram Private Profile Viewer Without Human Verification

EyeZy is a popular site that has efficiently used the artificial intelligence concept to help users easily access social media sites. It is one of the best private Instagram viewer sites out there, as it offers you a chance to view private Instagram profiles and all of the app's associative features without revealing your identity. EyeZy has an extremely easy-to-operate interface and is supported by android and IOS devices.

EyeZy has reasonably charged prices for users, which makes it one of the most user-friendly options in the market. Along with private Instagram profile viewing, this site also allows you to monitor direct messages, the users that contact you most often, etc. In addition to this, EyeZy can help you track all activities that are being practiced by a particular phone. You can intercept calls, messages, browsing history, frequent online searches, and so on.


This app can help you spy and keep an account of someone's online activities. You may want to track your child, partner, friend, etc., activities, and this platform allows you to do just that. Through EyeZy, you can visit what pictures, videos, reels, etc., people have posted on their page and stories, and you can also view their direct messages and the relevant time frames.

Furthermore, this site is not limited to Instagram, as you can view various other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. The site enables users to gain deep outlooks into the inner workings of other people's lives by accessing the files and saved images, videos, etc., on their phones.


  • Uses artificial intelligence

  • Supported by android and IOS software

  • Allows you to visit private Instagram accounts

  • You can view all existing and deleted posts

  • Also supports other sites, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc

  • Real-time messaging history displayed


  • Easy to use

  • Reasonably priced platform

  • It can help you track phones

  • Helps you monitor your online activity

  • Provides access to posts and direct messages

  • You can start limiting the use of certain apps and sites

  • The site offers ease of access to the phone's features

  • You can find out about calls, texts, images, etc., of the target phone


  • Does not have a free trial option

#4. Glassagram - Highly Reputed Site to View Private Instagram Accounts


Glassagram is undoubtedly the most reputable private Instagram viewer site out there. As the name suggests, it is based on the concept of transparency and allows you to view profiles that have the private setting on and ensures complete anonymity for the users simultaneously. It is a great source for researching and gaining awareness of several factors. You can learn about a brand or company's engagement levels by tracking the followers, sharing, growth prospects, etc.

This forum can be installed on all apple and android devices and makes for a great tool for accessing the growth statistics related to your business. It also lets you stay updated by providing timely notifications that can keep you in the loop. While the main purpose behind this site is to let businesses assess their target audience's interests and mindsets, it also allows people to access anyone's Instagram profile. Therefore, it can be used for tracking spying purposes.

Glassagram does not cost users a single penny and operates out of an extremely user-friendly website. If you cannot see someone's Instagram profile and require deeper insight, Glassagram is your best bet. You can sign up for this site in a few minutes as it follows a very simple process. It also supports other social media accounts, such as Twitter. You can choose your most preferred subscription package and start using the site immediately after you have set it up on your device.

You can check your social media activity through this site by taking certain features into account, such as the number of messages you receive, who the primary senders are, related accounts, etc. It's a great site for gaining a more detailed insight into the workings of this popular social media site.

Glassagram is also known for the safety and confidentiality that it provides its customers. All data is encrypted, and the customer's privacy is never exposed to a potential breach. All of these factors make this platform extremely desirable for individuals. It is a great choice for viewing private profiles to withdraw important information that you may require at one point or another.


  • Extremely well-reputed site

  • Helps access private Instagram followers

  • It can be used by businesses to access growth prospects

  • Offers real-time notification options

  • You can monitor your social media activities

  • Works with various social media sites

  • A good tool for spying


  • Keeps the user identity hidden

  • A secure and safe platform

  • You can access profiles and direct messages

  • User-friendly website

  • Affordable prices offered

  • Easy to set up


  • IOS may not support some of the offered features

How We Chose the Brands to Check Private Instagram Viewers

When it comes to sites, you can find online, there is a long list of considerations you must consider. You can not rely on random sites as there are numerous scammers out there who can coax you into believing that they are legitimate and turn out to be complete frauds who can potentially put your security at risk. There are very limited digital platforms out there that can be labeled as truly authentic and worthwhile.

To fully assess the desirability and utility offered by a particular site, you must consider several different factors. These factors may include the site's customer reviews, pricing, licensing, reputation, etc. You can judge whether a site is worth investing in by analyzing whether it lives up to a certain standard.

We have shortlisted some of the best private Instagram sites on the internet by looking at various factors that can contribute to a digital platform's overall worth. We wanted to ensure that these sites can effectively deliver what they promise and do not leave their valued customers disappointed. Some of the primary aspects that we looked into while choosing the brands are as follows:

Customer Reviews

One of the most important metrics that can define the worth of a particular site is its customer reviews and client feedback. Customer reviews are always based on first-hand experience; hence it accurately reflects what the site offers and whether it is worth the investment. You can find customer reviews regarding sites on various digital platforms such as trust pilot. If you observe a trend of satisfied customers, then that is most likely trustworthy. However, suppose you notice that customers have had subpar experiences with the brand, and their reviews do not reflect positivity in the majority. In that case, it is better to steer clear of them. You must ensure that the reviews you are considering come from reliable sources and do not have any ambiguity or biases that could misguide you. Customer reviews should never be reflected as they accurately map out the kind of experience you can expect from a site.

The User Interface

We wanted to include sites that had an easy-to-navigate user interface. Sites that have overly complicated setups are very inconvenient. You want to invest in a site that can facilitate you well. The sites we have shortlisted are easy to access and can be navigated through without interruptions. The user interface dictates whether the customers will be facilitated effectively or not. It decides whether the site brings customers ease or difficulty while using the forum. Therefore, this was another consideration that we gave significance to.

The Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important aspects that must be considered when choosing such online sites. You don't want to overspend and get substandard service. On the other hand, you don't want to spend very little and not get the desired results either. Therefore, finding a middle ground is very important. We have included brands that offer fairly reasonable pricing within this article so that they don't put too much pressure on the customer's pocket and can provide effective results simultaneously. We have also included sites offering free trials and some free of all charges. The options we have included will not burn a hole in your wallet and will allow you to enjoy worthwhile services at affordable rates.

Instagram Viewing Options

These sites can offer several features and functions. However, the primary function we were looking for was viewing private Instagram profiles. We wanted to ensure that these sites can effectively assist users with viewing private Instagram profiles and seeing all their contact without difficulty. When it comes to private profiles, there is content in the feed, stories, archives, highlights, etc., so these sites can provide access to all that. The sites mentioned earlier in the article also offer additional features such as real-time options, timed notifications, access to direct messages, etc. Using the mentioned sites, you can explore a wide array of options when it comes to anonymously viewing private Instagram sites.


The safety and security of a platform must be given utmost importance. You can not risk your confidentiality and privacy; hence, you must select a secure brand. To help you with that decision, we have included only the safest and most legitimate sites. These sites ensure that customer anonymity is kept intact, and they can never be traced. They also keep all the provided personal information and financial data encrypted so they are not exposed to any potential losses or harm. Secure platforms have a clearly stated security policy and guarantee on their website. That way, they can be held accountable and can offer damage control. This is not a factor that should ever be compromised on.

Tracking Features

These sites are optimal for keeping a tab on someone's activities as they allow you to track their social media and phones. Some sites offer GPS tracking, allow you to view saved images and videos on the target device, show browser history, YouTube searches, and so on. These tracking features can help you spy on anyone you want. We have added sites that offer a range of these features that can help users keep account of the target device's activities to have complete awareness. These features can be helpful if you want to track your child's or your spouse's activities and ensure that they are indulging in the right activities. These features can also help you limit the activities they are exposed to. You can block certain sites and applications promoting inappropriate content to protect and reinforce a particular discipline. These tracking features further contribute to the overall appeal of the sites.

The Range of Social Media Sites

These sites are not only limited to Instagram viewing. They also support other social media applications, including Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. These sites can give further insights into what activities one is involved with. The more social media sites you can access, the more information you can gather. The sites we have shortlisted allow users to access social media sites and other digital features associated with the device being tracked. Therefore, we prioritized sites that offer a greater range of social media sites to access.

Customer Support

Another factor that was given importance was the customer support services that come with a particular site. Customer support includes the responsiveness level of customer care agents and how they can help users if they are ever facing a problem or have any queries. The sites we have mentioned offer efficient customer support services, including features like 24/7 live chat options. These services make the entire experience even better for customers as they are given an outlet to turn to If they ever face difficulties. This factor adds to the worth and appeal of such sites.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

There are several methods through which you can access private Instagram profiles. Some of these have been elaborated hereon:

Use a Fake Profile

You can create a fake profile if you want to access a private profile without revealing your identity. A fake profile would not require you to divulge your personal information or pictures and you can access other profiles with complete anonymity. Fake profiles are always a risk because the target account may not accept your follow request if they can detect that you are not the same as your profile. Fake profiles can also get reported or flagged by Instagram; hence this might be an unreliable method of viewing a private profile.

Send a Follow Request

The most traditional and straightforward way of viewing a private Instagram profile is by sending the person a follow request. Once your request has been accepted, you can view all the content within a particular profile. This is the most ethical way of viewing a private Instagram profile, and you will not be at any risk of getting caught or reported as you are accessing the profile based on the account owner's consent. However, with this approach, there is a chance that the owner will not accept your follow request if they don't personally know you. Some people are very selective about the people that they accept as followers. Hence, it may be challenging to gain access to private profiles through this method.

Conduct a Google Search

If you insert an Instagram username on google, you may be able to access a part of their profile on google images. People who have had their profiles for a longer period and have a fairly high engagement level can be traced by google. You may be able to find a more significant digital footprint for certain profiles. Therefore google can help you access them. This may not work for all profiles, as some profiles are kept extremely confidential and secure by the account owner. It is more likely to work for more popular profiles.

Search Other Social Media Sites

You can seek information about a particular person through other social media accounts. People who give out information and details about their lives on Instagram are likely to include all that on other social media platforms. Examples of other social media sites include Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, etc. These sites can help you gain further insights into people lives that you may miss out on if you don't follow their private accounts.

Use an Alternative Account

If you want to access a private account you don't follow; you can do it through someone else's account who may be on their follower list. You can use anyone's account which follows the profile that you are looking to access. It is easier to do this if you have a mutual connection with the account user who can allow you to use their profiles. This method can help you remain anonymous as people can't find out who is viewing their profile from their follower list.

Use Private Instagram Viewer Apps

These apps allow you to access private Instagram accounts without human verification. The site allows you to sustain your anonymity as it keeps your identity hidden while you view Instagram accounts. Some of the most legitimate sites that offer this feature have been mentioned in detail earlier in the article.

Why Do You Need a Third-Party Instagram Viewer App?

We talked about Instagram viewer apps in detail earlier in the article. These apps serve the purpose of allowing people to access private Instagram accounts without having to reveal their identity. We have explained the necessary considerations while deciding on a legitimate third-party Instagram viewer app. However, we haven't discussed the need to use such an app. Why would a person require a private Instagram viewer site? Read on to learn more about this.

Access to Restricted Content

Third-party Instagram viewer apps serve the primary purpose of helping people view restricted content that can't be viewed otherwise. This is content posted by Instagram viewers with private accounts and a strict policy about the general public seeing what they post. These apps can allow you to see whatever has been posted by such accounts in the past and what is being posted in the present. They also conceal your identity. Therefore the person who owns the account can never know that someone outside their follower list has accessed it.

Facilitative Viewing

One of the major advantages of using such private viewing apps is that they make the process incredibly convenient. You can view the content without having to go through any complicated processes. All you require is to insert the account's username, and you will be directed to the exact information you want. These apps don't ask for personal information or human verification, which adds to user-friendliness. If you opt for alternative services that serve the same purpose, it is highly likely that the process will be more taxing and require more steps.

Allows You to Personalize

These apps enable users to personalize their Instagram accounts according to what they would like to see. This customization specifies the content according to your choice and preference, making the overall experience better for you. You can access further personalization features through these third-party apps that are not generally found on the original application.

These are some primary reasons for using a third-party Instagram viewer app instead of just Instagram. It offers some added benefits that can provide great utility to users. Customers have shown high satisfaction after using such applications because of their outstanding features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are private Instagram viewer apps?

These apps allow you to view private content on Instagram. Instagram allows users the option of creating either a private or public account. While public accounts can be accessed by anyone who uses the account, private accounts can only be viewed by people who follow that particular user. These apps allow you to access those accounts anonymously and view all the content they have posted on their feed, stories, etc. These apps offer many other features as well. They allow you to track someone through their phone with their GPS tracking features. You can access someone's pictures, videos, etc. You can also intercept the calls and messages that you receive. It also allows you to view someone's browsing history and block sites that you would like to restrict on their phones. These apps can work as spying and tracking tools.

Q. What are the chances of getting caught using such apps?

These apps are known for keeping your identity secure and hidden. Your anonymity is kept intact, and the owner of the account can never find out that their account is being viewed or hacked by someone. If you choose a legitimate site, you don't have to worry about such errors because they ensure that your identity is kept safe and you don't get caught.

Q. Why would someone need to use a private Instagram viewer app?

These apps can be used if you are looking to track someone's online activity. It can be used by concerned parents who want to see what their child is up to and whether they are viewing the right content on the internet. It also allows them to intercept their calls, texts, direct messages, etc., which allows them to know exactly who they are interacting with, the frequency, what they are communicating about, and so on. These apps can also track your friends, partners, or anyone you want to keep a tab on. In addition, these apps also work for people who have businesses and want to check out social media engagement and marketing potential from an insider's perspective. You can look at the kind of people following you, what interests them about your brand, the growth prospects based on the sharing and liking statistics, etc. These are some reasons someone might use a private Instagram viewer app.

Q. What is the alternative way of accessing a private Instagram account?

The standard way of accessing someone's private profile on Instagram is by sending them a follow request. Whether they accept or reject your follow request is in the account owner's hands. You are most likely to get approved if the person knows you or if you have mutual friends. People also tend to approve of people who have authentic and aesthetically pleasing profiles that don't seem fake. Once the Instagram user has approved your follow request, you can view all their content without inconvenience. However, the con of following this method is that the user is at liberty not to accept your follow request, which would eventually restrict you from viewing their content. This is why people tend to opt for such apps.

Some other methods through which you can view private account content include using a friend account who may follow the target user as they will have access that you could leverage. You can also try other social media sites where the person has an account e.g., Facebook, TikTok, etc. People tend to post similar content on their social media; hence you can access the same information by going through other sites. Moreover, you can try looking the user up on google because if they have been active on social media for a while, you will be able to trace them through google as well.

Q. Are these sites dangerous to use?

These sites can have certain risks that are associated with the internet. Some sites may lead to a virus entering your system as they sometimes redirect you to other external sources. Some sites may even ask you to give your personal information or some financial details, which can be risky as your privacy could get breached if the site is not fully reliable or legitimate. You can avoid such risks if you opt for a well-reputed and legitimate site. Earlier in the article, we listed some of the safest and most trustworthy options for private Instagram viewer sites. The sites we mentioned do not ask for human verification or personal data. They also have strict security and confidentiality policies that keep your information safe. If you are seeking a safe and credible, refer to the list provided within this article.

Q. Do we have to pay for private Instagram viewer sites?

Private Instagram viewer sites mostly require a fee to be paid to explore its features. Most sites have packages that you can choose from based on your preference and the specific service that you want to avail of it. However, some sites offer free trials where people can explore the features of these apps without having to pay upfront for a specific time. However, some apps are free of cost and don't require users to pay any charges. These sites have been discussed in detail earlier in the article.

Q. What are the market's best private Instagram viewer apps?

Several sites and applications allow you to view private Instagram content online. However, not every site you come across online can instantly be deemed reliable or safe. A lot of factors need to be considered before you choose a site so that you don't get scammed and can gauge the actual utility of the experience. We have researched such sites and shortlisted some of the best Instagram viewer sites currently available on the internet. These sites deliver what they promise. They ensure that the user's safety is not compromised and offer a wide array of features you can enjoy. These sites have been discussed in this article. Some of them include Glassagram, UMobix, Mspy, etc. Therefore, if you want a worthwhile private viewing experience, you should refer to the sites mentioned above.

Q. Is it difficult to sign-up for these sites?

The sign-up procedure varies depending on what site you are using. However, it is mostly a simple process and does not require more than a few minutes. The sites we have included in the article have a straightforward user interface and are not difficult to operate. Therefore, they allow you to register with great ease and convenience.

Q. Is it wrong to use private Instagram viewer sites?

These sites don’t exactly present an ethical practice as they are used to access content that has been restricted by the owner. However, it eventually depends on what purpose you are using these sites for. If you are using these sites to view someone content for the wrong reasons and are breaching someone privacy, then the user is wrong. However, if you are using these sites out of concern for the target user and want to see whether they are interacting with the wrong type of people or are involved in inappropriate activities, then you might actually be able to help them out this way. In this case, ethics and morality are subject to what purpose you use these sites for.


To summarize, the best private Instagram viewer sites are primarily used to view private content on Instagram and other social media sites. These sites provide a method to keep track of someone's activities and make for a good tool for controlled parenting, among various other purposes.

These sites keep the user's identity anonymous. Hence they are safe to use. There are many such sites available on the internet. However, you should never blindly trust the sites provided online because there is always the risk of getting scammed online.

To help you make the right decision, we have compiled a list of some of the best private Instagram viewer sites that can offer users a worthwhile experience and don't come with the risks associated with online services. Enjoy your time.

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