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Best Coins To Buy: Big Eyes Coin VS Caged Beasts VS Cardano

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Best Coins To Buy: Big Eyes Coin VS Caged Beasts VS Cardano

In the current era of prioritizing wealth, it is important to know which coins can help you achieve this. Big Eyes Coin, Caged Beasts & Cardano are great options!

Caged Beasts
Caged Beasts

In the new year, we saw a slight rise in the market. A flood of momentum has sent the coins into a wide state of recovery. Now the concern for everyone is which coins have the most potential for great returns. There has been an amazing rise in innovative initiatives and upgrade strategies, along with many new coins being introduced to the market through presales.

Well, the first of these is a meme coin named Big Eyes Coin (BIG). A similar coin that has just been introduced to the market is one with a unique concept named Caged Beasts (BEASTS). These meme coins hold so much value and promise amazing experiences to investors. Furthermore, Cardano (ADA) has been performing very well on the market recently and is expected to continue this streak for a while.

Caged Beasts - Forge Your Alliance

In a lab, situated in an undisclosed location, Dr. Hyde was bunkered down during the winter working on something game-changing and terrifying. He has created a group of genetically mutated creatures that are ready to take back control of the world from humans.

However, we humans have a chance to join these Caged Beasts - by investing in their life cycle. Each beast is presented to investors as infants, signaling their initial investment, and thereafter get to watch these beasts grow in each presale stage until they become fully-grown monstrosities which, naturally, also signals the growth of your investment.

Caged Beasts

Additionally, you also have the option to earn passive rewards through their referral system. When you sign up, you receive a unique code to share with others. This will allow you to earn a 20% deposit of tokens when they use your code. Similarly, this also creates a win-win benefit as they will also earn the same amount for using your code.

This concept and reward system is the first of its kind in the market and is highly likely to attract much attention from interested parties.

Big Eyes Coin - Full Steam Ahead

Big Eyes Coin started strong and showed its potential from the very beginning, attracting a large number of investors and accumulating an even larger investment that set the pace for its momentous run.

In the months after its release into the market it plans to open a casino that will have its token, BIG, as the heart of its ecosystem. The casino is BIG exclusive, meaning that users are paid out in the token and can use only this token to join the games. Altogether, this works on limiting the volatility of BIG and aims to increase its value.

Big Eyes Coin

This creates similar value as the Caged Beast referral system because users have a steady flow of tokens into their wallets which they can convert into income. Similarly, Caged Beasts allow investors to have a visual representation of how their investment is growing, whereas Big Eyes Coin simply went through the stage and announced the different prices.

Cardano - Bright Future Incoming

Cardano focuses on creating faster, affordable, and sustainable experiences for its customers and does this through its interoperability and scalability. One other thing that makes Cardano an excellent investment is its ambitious nature and developmental capabilities.

It recently announced an integration of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) capabilities to the interoperability of the blockchain, along with initiating several network upgrades targeted at overall improvement. In the future, Cardano plans to release a USD-backed stable coin which will serve as the first fiat-backed and regulatory-compliant stable in its entire ecosystem.

In the meantime, its first stablecoin, Djed, is pegged to the US dollar and can reward traders with extra benefits when they take their ADA for this coin. This is speculated to drive up the demand for ADA, therefore also the price. This is very promising from an investment point of view.


Final Thought

The market is currently performing extremely well thanks to the improvement and innovative strategies of many blockchains that have driven their value up. As the market continues in this direction, it is important to know which blockchains will have the most value and will deliver the best returns.

Cryptos like those listed above have great potential in their respective areas, and based on more of what you are looking to achieve, either of them can be considered the best investment choice.


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