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Benefits Of Credit Cards

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Benefits Of Credit Cards

Finally, credit cards also come with incentives and offers, ranging from cashback to reward points, every time you spend using your cards.

Benefits Of Credit Cards
Benefits Of Credit Cards

New Delhi (India), February 11: For most of us, leaving home every morning is preceded by a last-minute check on the items that we will need while we are out: house keys, car keys, phone, and yes, a wallet with a credit card. For several others, credit cards have become indispensable. Let's find out the reason for this.

There are a host of advantages to having a credit card, the biggest being that it covers you when temporarily short on money. Basically, if you have a credit card, you don't need cash in hand to pay for your purchases.

Second, if used right, credit cards help improve credit history; this makes getting bank loans easier as lenders prefer borrowers who repay debts regularly.

Third, if you have a large bill outstanding, you can use the card to break it down into easy EMIs and make deferred payments. This way, your bank balance is not dented.

Finally, credit cards also come with incentives and offers, ranging from cashback to reward points, every time you spend using your cards.

By using a credit card, you can get discounts on merchandise, flight tickets, vacation packages, etc., and make significant savings. IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards are a case in point. Let's explore their features and offerings.

IDFC FIRST Bank Credit Cards

IDFC FIRST Bank offers a range of credit cards, each with different benefits and privileges, including offers on movie tickets and other discounts.

  • FIRST Millennia Credit Card

Designed to cater to the millennial lifestyle, the Millennia Credit Card does not require any joining fee. Plus, it also comes with a range of incentives:

  • Every transaction you make on your birthday (online or offline) multiplies your reward points by 10 times
  • Once a month, a 25% discount (up to a maximum of Rs 100) awaits you on the purchase of movie tickets
  • You also get to enjoy up to 20% off at over 1500 restaurants across India

There are some other Millennia card benefits as well. For instance, when your expenses reach Rs 15,000, you can claim welcome gift vouchers worth Rs 500. But this has to be achieved within 90 days of the issue of your IDFC FIRST Millennia Credit Card.

Your first EMI transaction on a Millennia card within 90 days also fetches you a 5% cashback.

  • FIRST Classic Credit Card

A lifetime free credit card, the FIRST Classic, like the Millennia card, offers benefits as rewards plus incentives in other categories such as entertainment and travel. Here too, you get a 25% discount (up to Rs 100) once every month for spends on movie tickets.

Joining benefits come in the form of a gift voucher of Rs 500 (if you spend Rs 15,000 within the first three months of the card's issue) plus a 5% cashback on the first EMI transaction in this period. If you like shopping, this should appeal to you.

  • FIRST Select Credit Card

Designed to fit in with your lifestyle and spending habits, the FIRST Select credit card has no joining fee. Besides, the reward points never expire on all IDFC FIRST Bank credit cards.

The joining benefits are the same as those for the Classic Card, but the movie incentives are a boon for cinemagoers. For every movie ticket you buy, you will get another movie ticket costing up to Rs 250 for free – that too, twice a month.

Additionally, you get up to 15% off at over 3000 health and wellness outlets and up to 20% off at over 1500 restaurants across the country.

  • FIRST Wealth Credit Card

The FIRST Wealth card brings a bouquet of super privileges, starting with the most attractive movie freebie of all: a free ticket with the purchase of every ticket costing up to Rs 500, twice a month.

The restaurant and wellness deals stay the same, and the card also offers four complimentary domestic and international airport lounge and spa visits every quarter.

A Complete Package: IDFC FIRST Bank

If you have checked out the various cards listed above, you must have come across one that suits you. All you have to do is apply for an instant card by visiting