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23 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers UK (2023)

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23 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers UK (2023)

Many artists buy Instagram followers UK to keep up with the high demands of their audience. Moreover, content quality is increasing every day on Instagram. Therefore, along with marketing, creators not only buy ig followers but also take care to buy real Instagram followers.

Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers
Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

It is highly surprising to note that there were as many as 32.3 million Instagram users in the United Kingdom by September 2022. Moreover, there are over hundreds of thousands of Instagram influencers within the United Kingdom. Hence, there is a lot of content generation and consumption taking place within the country. Many artists buy Instagram followers UK to keep up with the high demands of their audience. Moreover, content quality is increasing every day on Instagram. Therefore, along with marketing, creators not only buy ig followers but also take care to buy real Instagram followers.  

Notably, there has been a rise in the number of fraudulent sites providing marketing services. These are false, rip off your money, and give you zero followers or fill your account with bots. Hence, in this article, we discussed the best sites to buy Instagram followers UK. Let’s take a look-   

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers 


Viralyft is by far the best site to buy followers on Instagram for UK influencers. This site has been running for about a decade now. Notably, they were among the first people to recognize the wide marketing possibilities within Instagram. 

Hence, their research work dates long back and has more details and precision than other sites. Moreover, with this site, you will always buy active Instagram followers that offer continuous engagement. Resultantly, your rating within the search bar along with your ranking on the ‘For You’ pages will increase.  

They have connections with highly active communities within the UK and across the globe. Additionally, they are very affordable. For instance, you can buy 100 Instagram followers for 2.89 only. Lastly, you will be able to customize all of your plans and choose the amount of engagement you want.  


Get Viral is among the oldest sites that you will find on this list. They come with an experience of over 5 years with techniques that are hardly found anywhere else. Also, you have the option to pick between high-quality followers and premium-quality followers. Premium quality followers comprise highly active accounts that rank high on Instagram’s algorithm. They also include an AI chat feature that answers all basic queries you have about the site.   

Notably, it is a very rare site that offers customization on special demand. Herein, you can place direct requirements about the number of followers, geo-targeting, drip feed, age or gender targeting, and more. The price is also feasible, with the first package starting at $6.99 for 250 Instagram followers. Notably, the customization applies to likes, comments, shares, and much more.  


Socialpros is among the highest-rated websites to buy Instagram followers from. To begin, they involve integrated marketing to ensure that your content reaches different media. This generates twice the regular amount of traffic in comparison to traditional marketing. 

Moreover, they have several features that you will not be able to find anywhere else. You get a live chat feature where you can resolve all your queries. Secondly, they have an order tracking system that provides constant notifications to the clients on the progress of their Instagram growth.   

The prices are also affordable. You get about 100 followers at $2.50 and 250 followers at $4.50. Eventually, you reach about 15000 Instagram followers at $159. If you wish to target a specific demographic, you can get in touch with customer service directly.  

If you are looking to buy real Instagram followers then this is the site to rely on. Notably, it has a mix of all the features that you will find on the sites on our list. For instance, it includes Instagram followers and interaction with integrated marketing, ad placements, and customization. Also, they include some of the quickest delivery periods that span between 1 and 2 days.  

The site employs safe gateways for any information intake. Moreover, they never ask you for credentials or login information. Also, their payment gateways are SSL encrypted and there is no chance of third-party interference. You can purchase 100 Instagram followers for $2.5 and 250 followers for $4.5. 10,000 Instagram followers will cost you only about $105.0.  

Social Rush deserves to be in the top 5 by all truly means. They are a young site but the amount of progress they have shown is simply astounding. Within a time span of 3 years, they have gotten over a hundred thousand clients. It is very rare to see such an astounding number with a digital marketing agency that receives among the highest competition today.  

On the site, 250 followers can be bought for only $3.99, and 500 followers for only $5.99. Most followers you get are under the premium category which involves people who are highly active on Instagram. Resultantly, minimal interaction from them can increase the value of your profile by manifolds. Also, they feature a refund policy that is easy to avail without unnecessary procedures.   


This site is known worldwide as the go-to place for all forms of Instagram followers. They are known for various features, primarily the diversity of their community. They can connect you with almost all forms of audiences in a different genres. For instance, music, yoga, politics, dance, and much more. Make sure you connect with their customer service to customize your order. Not only Instagram they also provide services like YouTube views, likes and for many other social media platforms. 

Talking about the features, there is a lot to appreciate on the site. First, they prioritize security. Hence, all their forms are encrypted and they never ask for any credentials to be disclosed. The prices are highly affordable. 100 followers will only cost you about $2 on the site.  


Follower Packages deal primarily with the provision of followers and active interactors to your account. Unlike other sites, they like to specialize in a particular field and stick to it. Hence, you do not have to pay unnecessary charges for features you do not require. 

Despite this, you will find that their pricing is a little higher than other agencies. This is because follower packages are the only site that maintains its community. This means that they do not rely on external servers and sources to supply followers.  

Their self-built community can give you 500 Instagram followers for $15. Moreover, they provide 24/7 live chat support and various payment modes. You can get 1000 followers for $19 and 2500 followers for $35. All you have to do is supply the link to your Instagram ID and watch the magic happen.  

This site will help you to grow your Instagram through organic means. They guarantee no fakes, no bots, and only real Instagram followers. are also an integrated marketing site that also includes places like Twitter and YouTube. They feature premium quality accounts that have high rankings on Instagram. Furthermore, you can get fast deliveries within a matter of few hours. 

Furthermore, they have extremely affordable packages. For instance, their first package is for 250 Instagram followers which you can get at 3.99 dollars. You can get 500 followers for 5.99 dollars and up to 5000 followers for 54.99 dollars. It is a highly safe site and they do not require you to fill in your password or any credential.  


This is another great service that provides real Instagram followers at affordable prices. Furthermore, it is a rare site that also offers an all-inclusive managed growth program. Notably, they use ad-based methods which are rarely found anywhere else. You can get 100 followers at 3.95 dollars and 250 Followers at 5.95 dollars. Furthermore, you can get 1000 Instagram followers for 15.95 dollars.  

The followers that you buy online might unfollow you after some time. However, if you get drop protection from a site, then these followers are under the obligation to stay with you for several years. Make sure that you include other services like Instagram, likes, and comments as well.  

Growing Social Media  

This is a site that has been specifically made for people in the UK. They supply to influencers from the country and provide audiences from within the country as well. You can buy 500 UK followers for 19 euros. Additionally, you get 1000 UK followers at €29 and 2500 UK followers at 69 euros. Their delivery time usually is 2 days since they feature drip feeds.  

Furthermore, this site also offers a 100% money-back guarantee along with a 100% refill guarantee. They also ensure 100% retention, which is equal to drop protection.  

Buy More Fans  

Similar to the site above, you will get UK-based people from this site. It is a highly credible marketing agency that has been featured in Daily Express, the Guardian, Sunday Mirror, and many other prestigious places. Hence, you can trust them with your money. 

You can get 500 UK followers at €19 and up to 2500 UK followers at 69 euros. In case you are unsatisfied with their services, they will give you a 100% refund. Moreover, all of their forms are encrypted and no third-party interference is possible.   

The Social Savior  

This site is the Social Saviour we all need. It has been mentioned by places like Forbes, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Reuters, and many more. Doubtlessly, they are highly credible, authentic, as well as result oriented. To date, they have worked with more than 86,000 customers. 

These not only include individual influencers, but also brands and companies. They started working within the social media marketing network back in 2010. Since then, they have amassed great experience as well as technical know-how.  

Insta Boost  

This place will give you the boost that you need for your Instagram. Their pricing is very much similar to the other agencies that are centered around the UK. For instance, 500 UK followers can be bought for 19 euros. Similarly, you can buy 1000 UK followers at 29 euros and 2500 UK followers at 69 euros. 

Moreover, ensure that you get real active followers. Hence, you'll get premium accounts that interact consistently with your content. Their focus is to increase the natural ranking of your account. In addition, they offer 100% retention as well as a money-back guarantee.  

Socially Go  

Socially go is the fastest-growing digital media marketing site in the UK. Not only do they supply audiences to the country, but have a worldwide clientele. The first plan is for 500 UK followers which you can buy for 19 euros. 

Moreover, they only feature premium accounts that already have a high ranking on Instagram. To date, they have helped over 100,000 Instagram influencers, brands, collaborative pages, etc. If you would like, then you can promote your Twitter and your TikTok through this website as well.  


Trustpilot has given the site five out of five stars. Moreover, it has been featured and recommended by places like LA Weekly, Us Weekly, digital trends, and more. This is a highly credible site that guarantees results and quality. The best part about the site is that they can customize a specific package for your account. Hence, you do not have to buy a prebuilt package each time.   

However, if you want to buy a package then you can start with 100 Instagram followers at 2.97 dollars. Also, they offer 30-day refills and 24/7 support.  


This is a very famous site and we are sure that you must have come across it before in your searches. They work like all the sites that we have listed here. You can buy 100 followers from them for only 2.97 dollars. Moreover, these include high-quality active followers. 

Hence, You will get in touch with an audience that will consistently provide interaction, and feedback, and share your content. This is perhaps the most famous site when it comes to Instagram promotion. To date, they have provided different clients with more than 4 billion followers.  


We will talk about some sites that you might not have heard of before. Rush Max is among those sites that are kind of an underdog but works well for Instagram growth. They work on a holistic basis and provide an overall increase in your engagement and ranking. Resultantly, you see more growth in your followers than ever before. 

Moreover, this is the most organic way to increase your followers. To date, more than 100,000 Instagram influencers have made use of their services. you can buy 100 followers from them at $2.97.   


This is a highly affordable site where you can buy as many as 5000 followers for merely $39.95. If you choose to buy all the 5,000 followers in one go, then you should get a drip feed. A drip feed is a pre-written code that ensures that followers are visible on your account slowly over days. 

If your account shows a sudden spike in followers overnight, Instagram can start an inspection on your account. Also, this site features 24x7 customer support for specific demands and customization.  

Blast Up  

This is a very unique site with some special features that we can't find anywhere else. For instance, They have automatic refills. This feature increases your follower count all over again if it drops down. However, other sites require you to get in touch with them each time you require a refill. 

Also, they have regular features including 24/7 live chat support, premium quality accounts, and instant delivery. You can buy 100 followers from them for only 2.95 dollars.  

Fam Ups  

This site can give you 1000 Instagram followers for only $12. These followers will be delivered within a time gap of one or three days. This is an extremely safe site and you do not have to follow others to acquire more followers. 

However, we have little report of their performance and cannot prove that they are completely authentic. However, it does seem to appear that they have good reviews and a wide clientele.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) 

Where can I buy Instagram followers UK?  

You can easily buy Instagram followers specifically for the UK from the sites above. Most of these sites connect you to popular servers all across the globe and directly give you subscribers and engagement.  

However, these sites are a recent phenomenon in the world of digital marketing. Other than this, there are traditional sites that you can use to buy Instagram followers UK.  

Is Buying Followers Legal?  

Absolutely! There are no legal repercussions against people who buy followers for Instagram. As long as you buy Instagram followers through a service that encourages organic promotion, you are completely safe. Even if you buy followers that are not organic and automated, you cannot be brought to court. Most social media apps do not come under the regular legal system of the UK.   

However, in case Instagram finds out that you are buying followers through inauthentic means, they can ban your account. This is an extreme case and only happens if all your followers are bots or fake accounts. In a word, It does not matter how many followers you buy, as long as they are real people.  

What is the best site to buy Instagram followers?  

There is a great number of sites from where you can buy Instagram followers. Honestly, there is no one best site to buy followers on Instagram. Every site has its pros and cons, as well as its special features.  

Hence, the best site to buy IG followers will depend on your particular needs. For instance, some people might want followers within 24 hours, and others might want a drip feed over two to three days. Similarly, some people might only want followers without engagement. On the other hand, other people will buy engagement along with Instagram followers.  

Can I buy 10,000 Instagram followers?   

In the above answer, we already highlight that it is possible to buy any amount of Instagram followers. Hence, it is possible to buy as many as 10,000 Instagram followers. However, if you are going to engage with such a large number of accounts, then there are some rules that you need to keep in mind. For instance, don't buy all the followers at once. Buy small bulks and keep a short period of interval between each purchase. This way, you will be completely safe from Instagram’s algorithmic rules.  

Lastly, make sure that you buy relative engagement along with 10,000 Instagram followers. It will look unnatural for you to have so many followers without likes and comments corresponding to the same. Hence, always make sure to buy interaction as well.  

Can you buy real followers on Instagram?  

Yes, most sites that give you followers provide only real accounts on Instagram. That is a very wide community of people that is willing to support each other and increase their reach mutually. The biggest trick lies in making sure that the agency you hire is connected with the most active communities on Instagram. These communities easily increase their ranking by interacting with different content creators.   

Moreover, there are wide audiences who are looking for good content to consume. A good agency will connect you with the perfect target audience that is willing to follow you, interact with you, and even provide you with constructive feedback.  


In the article above, we have listed the most popular sites for buying Instagram followers in the United Kingdom. Notably, different sites have different features and can accommodate people with different financial backgrounds. Moreover, these sites can help people from different niches. 

For instance, writers, painters, musicians, health experts, fitness guides, etc. However, keep in mind that you will have to continuously create good quality content to keep your audience happy. If you want to stay on top of the ongoing trends on Instagram, make sure that you tune into our blog for more.