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14 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Comments (Real & Custom)

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14 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Comments (Real & Custom)

Today we’re going to tell you about websites that sell high-quality YouTube comments and engagement for youtube, that you should try using. So without further ado, let’s begin.

14 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Comments
14 Best Sites To Buy YouTube Comments

Youtube is the world’s largest content platform. With more viewers than Netflix and amazon prime combined, youtube stands at the epitome of social media platforms and is the best place to be when you’re trying to market your business or even just trying to make some money. However, getting growth on youtube is difficult. With so much competition out there and so much content replication, the chances of you coming off as unique and get some user participation is very difficult. This is where buying engagement comes in. when you buy engagement from a particular service, it exposes your content to a new demographic of people, who can like your content and become a long-term subscribers for you. However, a lot of people don't understand where they should buy youtube comments from, and hence we bring to you this article.

Today we’re going to tell you about websites that sell high-quality YouTube comments and engagement for youtube, that you should try using. So without further ado, let’s begin:-

Buy YouTube Custom Comments:


Viralyft is one of the most popular social media marketing tools available on the internet. With years of experience under their belt, Viralyft stands strong as the best website to buy any social media engagement from. Viralyft has constantly been rated as the best website in this industry for several years now, and that is completely understandable when you look at their service quality. They do not believe in using machine-generated accounts or even fake accounts to increase your engagement levels.

However, they rely on organic methods to get you the number of comments you need on your youtube videos. Since the algorithm has been constantly changing, Viralyft is very adaptive and hence comes up with the best strategy to give you the results that you asked for. They have a plethora of services lined up just for you, doesn't matter if it’s youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media platform. You can always expect great service from Viralyft and hence we highly recommend investing your hard-earned money into their hands.

Speaking of which, their packages range from $9 for 10 comments to $70 for 250 comments, which is quite reasonable and is according to the market standards however, the quality of the service that you get in return is much better than most out-there and hence is one of our top picks when it comes to buying youtube comments from.


Upviews is a great website to get the best quality youtube services at an affordable price. It has great services available for YouTubers. You can buy high-quality subscribers, get real likes and comments and even buy views for your videos. Upviews is a one-stop destination for all your youtube needs and hence is the perfect place to go if you want to get more engagement on your videos.

However, their packages aren’t that expensive to explore. However, the money is worth the service. Upviews also gives you a refill guarantee which makes sure that the number of comments on your videos remains intact even after a long time after you’ve used the service. If you haven’t tried Upviews yet, and you are looking for a good engagement service, then Upviews is the way to go.


Getviral is the biggest name out there in the social media marketing tools industry. They have the largest consumer base and hence is the perfect place to visit when it comes to buying youtube comments. Since people on youtube, or any other social media platform like to see participation from other users on the content they like, buying comments can help your videos go a long way. Speaking about getviral, they have been in this industry for more than 7 years now and hence have gained quite a reputation.

Their comments are high quality, meaning, that the accounts that comment on your videos are going to be legit, which increases the credibility of your channel. Also, they have more than 150k customers already, out of which 85 percent of the people have come back to buy more engagement from them. They promise to deliver high-quality comments, from youtube accounts that have gone under extreme scrutiny to prove they’re real, in 24-48 hours, which is speedy indeed.

Getviral is pretty easy on the pocket and will let you buy their engagement at reasonable prices. Also, not only comments, but getviral can help you create personal ad business brands, however, those interactions will not be cheap. Their engagement is high quality, gets you results on youtube, and hence is highly recommended. If you’ve never tried getviral before, then it’s a must-have for any social media platform.


Socialpros has it all. As apparent from the name, Socialpros are pros at handling any social media marketing situation. They have been in this industry for quite some time now and have proven time and again, how good they are. Their services scream quality and reliability and the guarantees that they give on their services increase their appeal even more. Socialpros has one of the most professional-looking websites amongst the ones that we have mentioned on this list and hence is a credible source of getting youtube comments.

They also deal in other social media platforms, but youtube being their forte, they have exclusive offers on buying youtube engagement, speaking of their comment quality and longevity, Socialpros give you a lifetime guarantee on every purchase that you make, which means that the likes and comments that you get from them are going to stay on your videos for a very long time.

They manage to keep their promises intact by doing regular checks on the number of comments your video has and then refills them if necessary. is one of the best services available in the market and hence you must try them before you move on to any other service.

We’re sure you will find something that suits the goal that you have to fulfill and hence we have mentioned them on this list. They don't ask you for anything more than what they’re delivering and hence are the perfect service provider for people who are trying to buy youtube comments for the first time.


If you’ve been in the social media marketing industry for quite a while, you must have heard the name of this website. Views expert is one of the best social media marketing tools available out there and hence they earned a spot on this list. Views expert is one of the go-to options of customers looking for engagement of any sort and any platform as well. However, just like, socialpros, views expert are also an expert when it comes to the subject of youtube.

Their retention rates are high as compared to some of the other websites that are in the same business and hence they have a moneyback guarantee if they fail to deliver their promises, viewsexpert is a huge brand when it comes to the social media marketing industry and hence you must try them out for your youtube channel at least once. Their comments are high quality and are from real accounts, which help you get highlighted on youtube, thus increasing your overall reach and growing your channel in the long run.

Coming to the prices, the least you can buy from them is 10 comments for $5.50 and the packages go up to $74.50 for 250 comments, you can get more custom orders if you hit them up, but the stock packages aren’t bad either. If you’re looking for high-quality comments on your youtube videos then viewsexpert is the way to go.

SocialPackages is also one of the really popular social media marketing tools available out there on the internet. With more than thousands of customers on their list and even more by the minute, social is a huge brand when it comes to buying engagement for any social media platform. However, speaking of youtube in specific, they have a lot of services lined up for you. They can let you buy youtube likes, comments, views, and much more.

Their services are top-notch when it comes to quality because they make sure that the engagement that you get is from legit accounts and not fake ones because they know how it harms your overall reach, they are strictly against using any machine-generated accounts to like and comment on your videos and hence are considered high quality. They also are great at fulfilling bulk orders, that too quickly.

Speaking of which, their packages start from $6 for 10 comments and go up to $75 for 250 comments which match the industry standards. Since they have high-quality engagement and speedy delivery as well, they are the go-to place for a lot of people to get their social media engagement from and hence we recommend you to do the same. Since their packages are not too heavy on the pocket you can take the risk of trying them out for yourself.

FastLikes is one of the fastest-growing social media marketing tools in the industry right now. They might not be the oldest one of the lot, but their experience matches up to the rest. Their services are high quality, which is why they have made such a rumble in the business. They have come up fast from the ground and hence are the perfect place to be when it comes o getting likes, comments, and engagement in general for your social media platform.

Their youtube comments are from legitimate accounts which is what you need when it comes to growing on youtube. Since their engagement is legitimate, it creates a chain of dominoes that triggers the algorithm to get you even more organically. This is why people have opted for time and again and this is the reason we recommend you to do the same.

Apart from youtube, they also have their services lined up for popular social media platforms, like, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. Fast is the bang for the buck because, they come with a refill guarantee which states that if the number of comments that you bought fips over tie, the company will refill them without even charging for them. Speaking of prices, starts their packages from $6 for 10 comments and goes up to $75 for 250 comments. This is why they have the best team of experts always ready to help you out.


FollowerPackages have helped hundreds of thousands of social media users get to their goals and can help you do the same. It can help you get the recognition you’ve been looking for and hence is the perfect place to get your social media engagement for. It has been in this industry for quite some time and hence knows a lot about being adaptive, safe yet quick to get your engagement delivered on time.

Speaking about their youtube services, they have only two things on the list, which are youtube likes and youtube views. However, they do not deal in youtube comments, but are still on this list, because they have excellent service when it comes to the two mentioned above. Their youtube likes are from genuine accounts, which makes your channel and videos more discoverable on youtube, which is what you should look for to be on this platform for the long run.

Since the algorithm pushes videos that are liked by the viewers and also has more viewer participation, buying youtube likes, news, and comments from follower packages comes in handy. Also, their packages are not too expensive either. Their deals are a bang for the buck in all terms and hence you must try them out at least once.


Another well-known special media marketing tool in the industry is Famups. With more than thousands of active users and even more signing up as we speak, Famups is a great website in all terms. Its simple-to-understand user interface and its professional-looking website, famups attracts people from the big leagues for its services. With their immense experience in this field, they have gathered quite a reputation for themselves.

They have a team of experts who come up with high-quality strats to get you the engagement that you need and speaking of youtube comments, they make sure, the ones you receive on your videos are from legit accounts and hence sends the right message to the algorithm.

Apart from youtube comments, you can also buy youtube likes and views which also help in getting you more discoverable and hence out there in the public eye. This is one of the topmost reasons you should use famups for your youtube channel. Coming to the pricing, they charge $22 for 50 youtube comments and go up to $260 for 1000 youtube comments. Their prices are quite reasonable and the amount of variety they bring to the table is not brought on by any other website mentioned in the list so far.


We’re sure that if you have been in the social media marketing industry for quite a while, you recognize this name. venium is one of the most popular new-age engagement sellers who sell engagement for any popular social media platform you can think of. venium is a group of highly experienced individuals who can help you with social media problems of any shape and size. If you do have enough engagement on your youtube videos, they can help you with that, if you don't have enough likes and views on your videos, they can help you with that as well.

This is why we highly recommend using their service if you haven’t already. Also, their engagement is high quality, because it is all organic and is from 100% genuine accounts. This is what makes venium ahead of the curve in delivering engagement at your doorstep. Coming to the prices, they have priced their packages reasonably well, as they understand the need of the hour. They are also great at fulfilling bulk orders, which is why they have been put on this list.


Getrealboost is the place to go if you need a real boost to your social media account. Be it Instagram, Facebook, or youtube, getrealboost has a solution for it all. All you need to do is to put in your youtube channel’s name and boom you’re up for the show. Their team performs a full analysis on your channel and then suggests packages that are beneficial specifically for your account.

The reason why getrealboost has stayed relevant in this industry for so long is because of the quality of its service. Since they have a higher customer satisfaction rate, more people are investing in their services. They have been successful at giving 100% genuine engagement to all their clients and hence have seen a massive boom in their sales curves. The best part about getrealboost is that they make plans that are perfect for you and don't even charge too much for it all.

Speaking of which, their packages start from $6 for 10 comments to $270 for 1000 comments, which is a fairly reasonable price to pay for their service. If you haven’t yet used getrealboost then, this is the perfect time for you to do so.


YTPals are a great service if you want to increase the number of followers on your social media platforms, however, as the name suggests, youtube is their forte. If you have tried everything and you still can't get people to comment on your youtube videos, then YTPals can help you out for sure.

Their methods have proven to work as they have already helped more than 500,000 youtube channels with the same things and hence they can help you do it as well. YTPals have great deals and offer on their website, and all of them have one thing in common, and that is they are all reasonable. If you’re trying to get on top in the youtube world, then YTPals is the way to go.

However, speaking of some of their packages, their basic packages start from $20 for 10 comments and $140 for 100 comments, which are quite pricy but they do deliver in quality. If you are not sure if YTPals is the best service for you, then we recommend you try out their free trial and you will gain clarity. However, take our word for it, YTPals is a great service to buy youtube comments from.


Stromviews is another great engagement service, that is designed entirely around youtube services. Since they have dedicated their website to one particular social media platform, their service is bound to be high quality, and so it is. Stormviews is the perfect place to go if you need any help with youtube. It might be the last mention on this list, but this is not the least. Stormviews lets you buy youtube views, likes, and subscribers, for a reasonable price and hence is great at what it does.

If you’re looking out for a good youtube marketing tool then stormviews is the way to go. Coming to the pricing, reviews offers its services for as low as $50 and goes up to $140 in some packages as well. All around, stormviews is a great service to invest your money in, if you want to increase your viewer base on youtube.


Since youtube has become one of the largest digital markets in the world, YouTubers need to know. Since it can get difficult to get in organic engagement as is, buying engagement can help. And since people don't understand where they need to buy engagement from.

The above-mentioned services have been on the top of their game for years now and hence you should consider using them if you want to grow your youtube, till then, happy creating!