January 26, 2021
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Zero To Hero To Nero

Zero To Hero To Nero

R Jagannathan at IBNLIVE:

From all accounts, Singh does not appear to be willing to take responsibility for anything bad that happens during his watch. We saw this as early as 1992, when Harshad Mehta was running riot in the markets by looting the banks. Singh said he would not lose sleep over what happened in the markets.

Clearly, there is a pattern to the PM’s evasion of responsibility. His reasoning is this: I am honest, and I cannot be accountable for anyone else’s dishonesty.

This is fine if you do not hold any official post in government. But Dr Singh, you are the PM. You are the head of the government, and governance starts from your office. You cannot escape responsibility saying "I was not aware." It is the job of the PM to be aware, and set things right.

What lies behind Singh’s strange stubbornness in seeking the label of personal honesty without taking responsibility for spreading it around a bit? The answer probably lies in the fact that he has reached his level of incompetence. He was meant to be a bureaucrat – whose job is to push files and offer suggestions, but not to take any responsibility for the outcome....

Quite clearly, this is the Peter Principle at work. Singh has been promoted to his level of incompetence. A bureaucrat has been made FM and then PM, and he cannot take the heat.

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