December 06, 2020
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Yet Another Manmohan Singh

Yet Another Manmohan Singh
Yet Another Manmohan Singh

"The overall verdict is that we have had a head of government whose demeanour is that of an orderly of a proper prime minister," says Ashok Mitra, in a wonderful column in the Telegraph:

I have criticized him over the years in the most severe terms in my columns, to the extent of describing him as little better than a domestic servant of the Nehru-Gandhis.

But, all of a sudden, my instinct nudges me to take a pause. For there is yet another Manmohan Singh whom I have known for nearly 60 years now, who is altogether different: kind and affectionate, full of understanding and consideration for others. Must I not have the grace to acknowledge what, at the personal level, I owe to him? I have to be contrite and walk away from the crowd of merciless critics in this unhappy season and narrate a couple of stories from real life.

Read the full piece at the Telegraph: That Indelible Identity

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