April 18, 2021
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'Yes I Am An Anarchist'

'Yes I Am An Anarchist'


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From the AAP FB page, attributed to Arvind Kejriwal:

"We didn't want to come in the middle of preparations for Jan 26, but the women in Delhi are suffering. When women in Delhi are unsafe, how can we celebrate Republic Day?

I said inquiry is fine but at least transfer the SHOs but Shindesaab refused to do even that. Delhi did not choose Sushil Kumar Shinde, they chose us. If the police think that they will continue their atrocities and the Delhi CM will remain silent, they are highly mistaken.

Not all policemen are bad. Most of them are under pressure from seniors to collect money. I urge all Delhi citizens as well as cops to join us in protest.

We are prepared for a ten day protest if the need be. Every Delhi citizen who suffers at the hands of police should join us at Rail Bhawan crossing."


There are incidents of rape after rape in Delhi, the police say the inquiry is on, but just an inquiry is not enough. Someone from the department should be held accountable. The Delhi Police has to be held responsible for the continuing rapes.

We met the Home Minister and demanded suspension of SHO, but they refused. On Saturday a lady from Uganda's High Commission sent this letter praising Somnath Bharti that women are being brought to India on the pretext of jobs but pushed into prostitution. [See Denial here]

We demanded that the area inspector should be suspended in the Danish rape case. Is it wrong?

No sex racket can exist without the police's knowledge. Is the ministers' responsibility to sit inside an air conditioned bungalow or work for the people of this country? The police commissioner says this doesn't befit ministers. But what can a minister do if the police doesn't respond?

Shouldn't a minister get out of his or her house and try and ensure the people get justice? Don't know what vigilantism is? If the police don't listen, what do the people do? And when the people go to ministers, what should they do?

People of India need to think why the chief minister of Delhi needs to go on dharna. Yesterday, Somath Bharti's was trying to contact the police after his attention attention was brought to a body lying on the road. The cops didn't answer his call for an hour.

Delhi Police takes money from autorickshaw drivers, It has taken money to not take action on lawlessness. We are here for the security of women. We want all the people of Delhi to come here to protest against Delhi police.

Former Home Secretary RK Singh said SHOs send money to Shinde for postings. I said inquiry is fine but at least transfer the SHOs but Shinde saab refused to do even that. I tweeted and asked people not to come here because of January 26 preparations. But I couldn't sleep last night, I have thought a lot about it. Appeal to people to take leave for 5-6 days and join us.

We will sit here and fight for independence - Republic Day begins here today. My conscience hurts. What's the point of celebrating republic day when the women of our country aren't safe

Few cops are very honest and loyal. Police say that we want to work with all honesty but our superiors ask us to collect money and come. Some cops are honest, many tell us our seniors force us to be corrupt.

I want to tell the police. This country is theirs too. Delhi Police officials tired of this corruption should take leave, join us here. We will help you against Delhi police Commissioner.

Independence Day will start here today, we will sit here and demand independence from this.

We don't want anyone to indulge in violence here, tourists are our guests and should be treated well.


On 19th January, Arvind Kejriwal had tweeted:

Meanwhile, the Delhi law minister remains defiant, saying that he feels like spitting on the face of those BJP leaders who have criticised him:

Arvind Kejriwal's interview with Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN:

Arvind Kejriwal's interview with Barkha Dutt:

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