July 09, 2020
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Where Are The Good Guys?

Where Are The Good Guys?

Vir Sanghvi in the New Indian Express asks how can one be hopeful about a society where all those we put our faith in, from sports officials to chiefs of defence staff, have no hesitation in stealing from us:

The most shocking thing about the Adarsh Society scam is that the corrupt promoters were able to buy off everybody they dealt with by offering them flats in the building. Regional commanders, defence chiefs, local collectors, revenue ministers, government officials, etc — anybody who had any role in clearing the project got something out of it.

Many of these people represented the cream of Indian society — senior military officers, IAS civil servants and the like — and yet, the scamsters seem to have encountered a minimum of resistance. Almost everybody was only too willing to be bought.

So, where are the good guys? Has our society reached the stage where the good guys have all given up on being good and  decided that because the system is beyond repair, they might as well join the bad guys and get something for themselves?

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