July 30, 2021
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What If Arundhati Roy Won the Nobel Peace Prize?

What If Arundhati Roy Won the Nobel Peace Prize?


On WSJ, yesterday, Rupa Subramanya Dehejia had a thoughtful and provocative blog with the above title that concluded with:

In the hypothetical but not implausible event that Ms. Roy gets “that” phone call from Oslo, what will be the reaction in India? How would you react? Would you take it as a symbol of the triumph of our democracy or a black mark on Indian national identity? Would you feel proud or outraged? Share your thoughts.

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ANI's Smita Prakash took up the challenge to provide some possibile scenarios:

The left liberals in the media and outside would be ecstatic and the right-wing Hindu nationalists would call it a conspiracy to tear the fabric of India. Outlook magazine would carry a special 42-page article on Roy and her various articles in the magazine.


Meanwhile the Home Ministry spokesperson would give a sound bite to a TV channel, saying, "It is a mischievous move on the part of some nations to award a person who meets with separatists and terrorists who have links with anti-national forces like the ISI, of Pakistan. This person whose phone we are not tapping, if at all her phone is being tapped, is conversing on a regular basis with people who the Government of India is looking out for, you know anti-nationals. It's a shame. But then, we have nothing to say. Please ask the Ministry of External Affairs for a reaction."

To read the MEA's response and more, please click here

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