September 29, 2020
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What Can Purge The BCCI?

What Can Purge The BCCI?

Mukul Kesavan has an excellent column in the Telegraph. It is neither a secret nor in dispute that given the 'complicity of everyone in Indian cricket in the IPL’s murk — from coopted immortals to sham-honorary administrators to gelded commentators — a process of reform from within is unlikely'. The problem, however, is the solution he proposes:

Instead of taking over the BCCI, the government of India should appoint a Grand Inquisitor whose sole purpose ought to be to terrorize the BCCI into purging itself and its spawn, the IPL, of evil. At worst this might result in a constructive downsizing of the IPL; at best, if the GI is properly inept, the patient might die. For right-thinking people who love cricket, this has to count as a win-win solution. 

Do we really believe that the GOI has any reason to terrorize the BCCI?

The GoI has many Grand Inquisitors at its command, from the Income Tax Department to the Enforcement Directorate, or why, the good old CBI itself. And of course there is the new tapping bug going around.

But let's not forget the Congressmen of various hues, 'nationalist' or otherwise, who also infest the BCCI. 

And, as any body who's been watching TV this week would tell you, the real catch is the numbers in Lok Sabha, particularly post the Women Reservation Bill. Consider, for example,  the machinations employed only this week to make friends out of the likes of M/s Mayawati, Shibu Soren, Mulayam, Lalu & co. So even if the intent were there, and the gifts the Shuklas of the world bring could be ignored, the sheer survival of the UPA, apart from Maharashtra politics, necessitates that the Pawarfull be left alone.

The BCCI can happily go back to being a cash cow. The only hope of a purge of course is if, after all those pithy shalokas from the Bhagwad Gita and the Zen sayings, the ex-commissioner of IPL decides to go back to being in the fidayeen mode. After all, that's what set the ball rolling.

But perhaps the Grand Inquisitors have already been at work. The possibilities are iimited: If not LKM, who else can be the Kamikaze Artist?


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