April 15, 2021
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What Anna Hazare Movement Achieved

What Anna Hazare Movement Achieved

S.L. Rao in the Telegraph:

Many people have written off the Anna Hazare movement against corruption. They are blind to the effects already visible in orders, policies and procedures. Hazare brought together the widespread disgust against the pervading corruption in our society and the apparent freedom from punishment of those identified as culpable. All political parties and the government combined in a coordinated way to discredit ‘Team Anna’ and to diminish his influence. Public disgust and anger remain and will express itself in votes cast at elections, and also when a new movement is launched by a more sophisticated public leader, who will not express himself in the crude way that Hazare frequently did. Such a movement will make full use of the internet and the social media, having learnt from the viral spread of the song, “Why this Kolaveri di”.

Dramatic changes have already occurred in a number of areas. They will make things more difficult for the corrupt minister and bureaucrat as well as for the incompetent bureaucrat.

Read the full article at the Telegraph: Fruits of Public Anger

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