June 19, 2021
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We Are All Ahmadi

We Are All Ahmadi

On Chapati Mystery Manan Ahmed has a short post on the attacks in Lahore today that deserves to be quoted in full:

There is a mosque near my house in Berlin. I bike past it every time. I often stop at the light, and enjoy the minarets against the grey skies.

There is a mosque in Lahore, too.

Every attack, every atrocity, every massacre diminishes us all. This, I choose to lay at the feet of Mawdudi and his ilk, at the feet of Bhutto and his ilk, at the feet of our bearded muftis and their ilk. I blame those who deny citizenship to their brethren. I blame everyone who denies the freedom to practice their faith in peace.

I am afraid I have little else but rage and white hate for the perpetrators of this crime.

I am an Ahmadi.

From the last link:

I am an Ahmadi. There are four million of me in Pakistan. This Islamic Republic is the only state in the world which has officially declared me to to be a non-Muslim. Why? It’s simple. I am an Ahmadi.

Ordinances have been passed against me. Acts and Constitutional Amendments have focused on me. Shortly after the heart and soul of our nation was split into two, a country reeling to define and defend its own identity unleashed itself upon me. In 1974, a parliament I had voted for adopted a law that outlawed me.

The rest of you were given a different story. Unlike you, I was not a “a person who believes in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad”. But nobody really asked me what I  believed in. Why? Because I am different. Because I don’t matter. Because I am an Ahmadi.

A powerful man who killed another powerful man in the name of the law did worse to me. In 1984, the General of an Army I pay for, support and have fought for passed another law:  now I could not call myself a Muslim, or even “pose as Muslim”.

Read on at: I am an Ahmadi.

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