April 16, 2021
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Twitter's #SelfieWithDaughter Storm

Twitter's #SelfieWithDaughter Storm
Twitter's #SelfieWithDaughter Storm

Haryana's Bibipur Village Panchayat initiated a unique #SelfieWithDaughter contest to drive home the importance of a girl child. The media was abuzz with the story which reached our Prime Minister who is known to engage in selfie-diplomacy. So this time he decided to try his hands at some selfie-activism. Little did he know that his endorsement for the above contest on his 'Mann ki Baat' radio show would generate so much heat and debate that the real message would ultimately get lost.

The Prime Minister had said:

It gives pleasure that in the same Haryana, a Sarpanch of a small village can give such a dimension to the 'Beti Bachao' programme. It raises new hopes. That is why I appreciate this initiative. But it also gives me an inspiration and that is why I urge you to click pictures with your daughters and post those on #selfiewithdaughter.

Among those, whichever are more inspiring, will be retweeted by me. In this way, we can convert the 'beti bachao, pedi padao' effort into a mass campaign.

Actor Shruti Seth gave her piece of mind to the Prime Minister through her tweet:

Activist Kavita Krishnan took a jibe at the PM with reference to Snoopgate giving the PM's message a total spin and attacked the PM:

This almost invariably led to the all too common war of words on Twitter where Twitterati bombarded each other with their opinions on the matter and subjected the two women to some trolly, while others came in support of the actor and the activist highlighting misogyny in Indian Society.

Actor Alok Nath known to epitomise the 'Indian Culture' in his #Aadarsh roles almost gave somewhat of a heart attack to his ardent followers with his tweet:

While he realised his folly and immediately deleted his tweet. Much damage had already been done. Kavita Krishnan came up with an article in response:

On Sunday, the actor Alok Nath, known for film and TV roles of the kindly father/uncle who lectures people on Indian culture and values (and also lately for tele-marketing gemstones to suit various superstitions), tweeted a selfie with his daughter with the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter. This was in response to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call to tweet with that hashtag and share the photographs with him. Soon after that, he responded to a tweet of mine criticising the prime minister, with the words "jail the bitch".

What really is the point of a public display of pride in your daughter if you find it acceptable to shower sexist abuse on women whom you disagree with?

While some tweets were just downright racist:

A tweet with Ehsan Jafri and his daughter's picture started doing the rounds to remind the Prime Minister of Godhra riots:

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