August 01, 2021
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Treasures From I&B Archives

Treasures From I&B Archives

For a long time now, Radio Pakistan has been putting out treasure troves from its archives on Youtube. It is heartening, therefore, to see the I&B ministry follow suit finally. The Films Division has long had a functioning, albeit klutzy, website where these archival recordings were already available, but putting them on Youtube would certainly make them accessible to a larger number of people. In the typical sarkari way, though, the recordings seem to be just dumped without any context or theme, making browsing through the uploaded material a chore. At least separate playlists for special archival material of classical music, documentaries and notable historical speeches etc would be a good idea, otherwise, as the uploads of regular, news-related programmes increase, browsing and trawling through a lot of such material would make it tedious to find recordings of interest and relevance. In any case, here is some of what caught my eye:


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