May 07, 2021
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Three Questions

Three Questions

Yogendra Yadav succinctly sums up the whole l'affaire Vadra: (a rough summing up - not a full transcription):

Are we dealing with wild allegations? Each allegation made here is backed by a document. Not one of these documents has been claimed to be forged by anyone.

These documents have been checked by independent media like the Hindu etc.

Will the case presented by Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejriwal lead to foolproof legal conviction? We do not.

But the questions we are asking are basically three:

1. Is Mr Vadra's dealing a a healthy, normal business practice -- an ethical practice which then every business man in the country should try and emulate?

2. Is the conduct of Haryana government in public interest?

3. Is the conduct of a very, very powerful person in this country connected to the most powerful family - does it meet the minimum norms of political morality?

These are larger questions, not of conviction of an individual. These are questions of propriety and not legality.

Could Mr Vadra not have learnt something from the PM's family whose behaviour has been exemplary because despite all other charges against the PM, not a finger has been raised against any of the PM's close relatives.

The Prime Minister keeps talking about Caesar's wife who should be above suspicion. The same should apply to Mr Vadra

Dhushyant Dave:

In the Ramayana, the dhobi had just raised a question about Sita. And Lord Ram ensured that she underwent a test by fire. You control the CBI. The people of the country are not asking anything more than the fact that Mr Vadra should undergo an investigation and prove out innocent.

Yogendra Yadav:

All that is required is a credible, independent investigation

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