February 25, 2021
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This Photo Desperately Needs A Quirky Caption!

This Photo Desperately Needs A Quirky Caption!
This Photo Desperately Needs A Quirky Caption!

This photograph of French President Francois Hollande with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his recent visit to India has been the talking-point all over social media, inspiring people to come up with captions ranging from witty to absolute bizarre.

So, dear readers, why don't you put your thinking caps on, let your creative juices flow and suggest a quirky caption for this photograph? And we promise that we will feature some of the best ones on this blog!

You can leave your captions in the comment box below or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Here are some to start with:

  • "Get behind me. I need to face the camera"
  • Modi to Hollande: "Stand like that, just as all the other dummies."

Our readers have spoken. Here are some of the ones we ROFLed the hardest at:

  • I love you but still they are taking a picture. Don't be offended, I've done the same with mark -- Jaslin on FB
  • Hollande: "Hatto ji, koi dekh lega."
    Modi: "jaaneman! Ishq par zor nahin." -- Vedita Cowaloosur on FB
  • 'Bas yahi Apradh mai har baar karta hun........' -- Abdul Haque Khan on FB
  • I will hold your waist and rest my head
    on your shoulder
    My love, guess I am getting a bit bolder -- Partha Banerjee on FB
  • Old habits die hard. -- Harpal Singh Gill on FB
  • Serial hugger -- Vivek Nimale on FB
  • "Bola tha jyada daru mat pee. Rasta idhar hai..." -- Ravi Kafle on FB
  • Rajiv Chowk aa gaya. Aap yaha utarogay bhaiyya? -- SuperKid @illusionatorr on Twitter
  • Saamne se hatt jao, Cameras hai --Nitu Jha ‏@lack_a_daisy on Twitter
  • P.R. hota hai deewana sanam! --Kahanikaar™ ‏@vishalvkumar on Twitter 
  • "Remember our last tango in Paris? Now let's do the cha cha cha pe charcha!" -- Ramesh Ramachandra on Outlook
  • Modi whispering sweet nothings into a blushing Hollande's ear... -- Ranganathan Sanjayan on FB
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