April 09, 2021
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The Torrent Phoenix Rises Again

The Torrent Phoenix Rises Again
The Torrent Phoenix Rises Again
Well, for those who are well-versed with this world, this was bound to happen. Across the past two weeks, the internet first bemoaned the loss of kat.cr or Kickass Torrents, the new king of torrent websites after Pirate Bay lost its mojo. Soon, an alternative website sprang up in its place and offered all of the same content.

 A week later, the mother of all shocks hit the stingy geek on the chin again as torrentz.eu, the largest search engine that generates results from all torrent websites was shut down. The website did stay up for a bit but was down and out soon with a goodbye message. Yet, predictably, another website has sprung up to take its place. It goes by the URL torrentz2.eu and it reassures you that it is a “clone of Torrentz” and that it has indexed locations of 59,642,496 torrents from 124,175,414 pages. Right.

 The information also comes with a disclaimer now, warning users from downloading “copyrighted material” else “face the consequences”.

 The news though does come as a bit of the relief for the internet-addict as an entire community accustomed to freebies off the internet was palpably cold turkey. Now, however, social media can begin celebrating the Christmas that has come early.

 This guy already is.

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