August 01, 2021
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The Naipaul-Theroux Handshake

The Naipaul-Theroux Handshake

Video embed courtesy: the New Yorker which credits Reza Aslan for the video who, according to the New Yorker, "was in the green room when Paul Theroux and V. S. Naipaul had their encounter. Aslan happened to be taking a video with his phone, when, to his surprise, Theroux approached Naipaul and offered his hand. As Aslan put it on his Twitter feed (he’s @rezaaslan): “Holy Cow! I caught first face to face reconciliation of Paul Theroux & VS Naipaul. Magical moment.”

As the New Yorker's the Book Bench notes:

(Note: the audio isn’t stellar, but you can just hear Theroux tell Naipaul that he’s missed him, and Naipaul say, “When you get old...” a beginning which we can perhaps all complete for ourselves. You can also hear the amused tone in Nadira Naipaul’s voice as she shakes hands and tells Theroux it’s nice to see him.)

More at the New Yorker
As Patrick Kingsley in the Guardian noted the other day:
Spotting Naipaul in the green room at the Hay festival, Theroux turned to McEwan and asked what he should do. "Life is short," McEwan replied. "You should say hello." And with that, handbags were holstered.
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