July 26, 2021
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The Evidence Against Dr Binayak Sen II

The Evidence Against Dr Binayak Sen II

Aman Sethi in the Hindu:

...Defence lawyer Surinder Singh pointed out that while the police claimed that all evidence was sealed and deposited in a safe house, the video clearly shows otherwise. He noted that the police claim that all documents were signed by Dr. Sen, investigating officer B.B. Rajpoot and two independent witnesses.

Mysterious signature

Further, an unsigned letter, labelled Article 37 (A-37) — allegedly seized from Dr. Sen's house — and purportedly written by a CPI (Maoist) member — did not carry the signature of either Dr. Sen or Mr. Rajpoot but was mysteriously signed by both witnesses.

Mr. Singh said: “Our copies [of the seized documents] only bear the signatures of Dr. Sen and Mr. Rajpoot, and have not been signed by the witnesses. Yet, the documents submitted in court have all four signatures. This suggests that the witnesses did not sign the documents at the time they were seized, but signed them at a later stage after the documents were supposedly sealed.”

Read on at the Hindu: Unscreened footage throws light on Binayak Sen case


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