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The End Of Muammar Gaddafi

The End Of Muammar Gaddafi
21 Oct 2011, 02:45:11 AM | Buzz

It's Gathafi! RT @ebertchicago: Discovered at last: How to spell that Libyan guy's last name http://bit.ly/p0QIjx

A much-circulated 2009 ABCNews.com story found 112 different ways to render the Libyan leader's last name in the Latin alphabet, used in English and most other Western European languages. But, according to this passport, and presumably the Libyan man himself, the accurate Latinized spelling is one of the least commonly used of those 112: Gathafi. (The passport also shows Mohammed's title as "Son of the Leader of the Revolution," a reference to his father's preferred title as head of state.)

20 Oct 2011, 09:53:29 PM | Buzz

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His state of denial and delusion was apparent in his last interview to Christiane Amanpour where he maintained: 'My People Love Me' and denied demonstrations against him anywhere in Libya


20 Oct 2011, 09:37:40 PM | Buzz

Al Jazeera video [Warning: Graphic and video discretion advised]

20 Oct 2011, 09:32:21 PM | Buzz

RT @AlArabiya_EngNew footage of Libyans celebrating the death of

20 Oct 2011, 08:52:55 PM | Buzz

Mutassim Gaddafi, the son who was reported all along to have remained in Sirte, has been killed, according to an NTC military commander, reports Reuters

20 Oct 2011, 08:52:11 PM | Buzz

BBC says Libyans have expressed some surprise that Col Gaddafi was found in Sirte. But they might be more surprised by a report on NTC TV that Col Gaddafi's former security chief Mansour Daw was among those captured. Daw was widely reported last month to have fled to Niger.

20 Oct 2011, 08:50:59 PM | Buzz

The Post-Gadhafi Journalism You Will Read In The Next 72 Hours: http://bit.ly/oaM06O

20 Oct 2011, 07:40:41 PM | Buzz

RT @AJELive: Confirmed photograph of ousted #Libyan leader Muammar #Gaddafi after he was captured and killed by rebel fighters http://aje.me/nbK5nw

20 Oct 2011, 07:37:22 PM | Buzz

RT @gkhamba: Late Shri Gaddafi Stadium "@saliltripathi: Ah, Pakistan! Thought of a new name for that stadium, at least now?"

20 Oct 2011, 07:29:00 PM | Buzz

In power since 1969, the colonel has been one of the world's longest-serving, most erratic and most fascinating leaders: Aj Jazeera profiles the dead Libyan dictator

20 Oct 2011, 07:17:42 PM | Buzz

Col Gaddafi's most prominent son, Saif al-Islam, is still believed to be at large in Libya's desert: NTC official to Al-Jazeera

20 Oct 2011, 04:45:18 PM | Buzz

RT @Reuters: FLASH: Muammar Gaddafi captured and wounded in both legs - NTC official Abdel Majid

20 Oct 2011, 07:11:00 PM | Buzz

RT @AlArabiya_Eng: Al Arabiya has been granted permission to photograph Muammar #Gaddafi's body. #Gadhafi

20 Oct 2011, 07:09:56 PM | Buzz

RT @blakehounshell: Two new AFP/Getty photos of Gaddafi's hidey-hole http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/10/20/photo_qaddafis_end

20 Oct 2011, 07:09:09 PM | Buzz

RT @AP: Libya's government plans a news conference in Tripoli, where the prime minister could confirm Gadhafi's death: http://apne.ws/qY1EVm -EF

20 Oct 2011, 07:07:05 PM | Buzz

RT @AP: A Libyan fighter says he saw Gadhafi get shot in his lower body, and hit  Gadhafi with his shoe - a grave insult in the Arab world. -EF

20 Oct 2011, 07:06:14 PM | Buzz
RT @AlanFisher: Aljazeera's Tony Birtley says he has seen mobile phone footage which shows #Gaddafi was alive when he was captured
20 Oct 2011, 07:04:10 PM | Buzz

AFP reports that Gaddafi's son Mutassim was found dead in Sirte.

20 Oct 2011, 05:54:05 PM | Buzz

The photo released by AFP captured off a cellular phone camera shows the arrest of Libya's strongman

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