July 30, 2021
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The Bugger, Bugged

The Bugger, Bugged

Hugh Grant tells the BBC about his encounter with:

"Paul McMullan, one of two ex-News of the World hacks who had blown the whistle (in the Guardian and on Channel 4's Dispatches) on the full extent of phone-hacking at the paper, particularly under its former editor Andy Coulson. This was interesting, as I had been a victim - a fact he confirmed as we drove along. He also had an unusual defence of the practice: that phone-hacking was a price you had to pay for living in a free society. I asked how that worked exactly, but we ran out of time, and next thing we had arrived and he was asking me if I would pose for a photo with him, "not for publication, just for the wall of the pub".

"About truth, you should try some real journalism, Paul. You are not an idiot. You could probably do it"

Also read his earlier account at the New Statesman

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