August 05, 2021
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'That Tape Has Clearly Been Doctored'

'That Tape Has Clearly Been Doctored'

Vir Sanghvi on his website:

I checked the publications that carried the tapes. They were clear. They would not vouch for the authenticity of the tapes.

The doctoring and selectivity of the leaks aside, the tapes have raised several questions. In my case, it amounts to this: the relationship of a journalist with his sources.

My view is that to figure out what is actually going on behind the scenes, a journalist sometimes has to appear sympathetic and even to string along his sources so that they reveal their ultimate motivation. (Why they are really talking to you? What kind of article do they want?) You need to get behind the PR blather.

What you say to the source is less important than what you do with the information that emerges from the conversation. Do you write a piece that is fair and accurate? Are you sure that you have not been swayed by their PR talk?


So, what’s the fuss about? Well, because my conversations with Anil’s side (though noted in the column) were not taped it is possible to claim that I represented only one side. Moreover, that tape has clearly been doctored to remove context and create trouble.

The only response possible to such claims is to let the work speak for itself. Read both articles in their entirety on my website (the links are given below) and judge for yourself. I think you will find that they are completely fair.

Which brings us back to Counterpoint. The whole episode has left me feeling battered. Perhaps it will drag on. Perhaps more muck will fly around. I have no desire to subject Counterpoint to this filth. It deserves better. So, Counterpoint will be taking a break. When life returns to normal, so will Counterpoint.

Read on at his website: Setting the record straight

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