April 14, 2021
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'Stop This Banana Republic Type Of Attack'

'Stop This Banana Republic Type Of Attack'

Ratan Tata has said that the real issue of out of turn allotment in the spectrum scam is being blanked out by a smokescreen

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Ratan Tata: You know it’s a funny thing, you get into a stage where many of these things I believe have been sourced by vested interests who... have the connections to make these things happen... what such people forget is that there is a bigger issue of the nation and very often this kind of rumour-based or whisper-based... out of court, kangaroo-court kind of issue is the outcome of persons wanting to settle scores, wanting to protect their own vested interests... we have a venerable judiciary system, we should I think as every Indian want to protect it and ensure that it.. itself stands above any kind of act of corruption or interference, because this is a very valuable asset that our country and our democracy has — and it should not be bypassed, sidestepped, preempted.

Shekhar Gupta: Do you see some of that happening?

Ratan Tata: I think what’s happened over the last few days, is all outside the judiciary basically, and I think the government and the judiciary should come down hard and say that the proper place for consideration of wrongdoing is the court, or an enforcement agency — whatever it is that has the right to investigate and prosecute. I am afraid the media does not, and it cannot... in an uncontrolled way. The media can break a story, that’s what it is there for, it can be the conscience keeper, but it also has a responsibility. Millions of people in India and elsewhere believe what they read in the newspaper or see on television is the truth — and I think that’s a responsibility every mediaperson has, and he or she needs to remember that it is a very important responsibility, because they are the opinionmakers of any nation.

Read the full transcript at the Indian Express

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