April 17, 2021
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Six Things NDA Should Not Have Done

Six Things NDA Should Not Have Done
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Six Things NDA Should Not Have Done

Never was the Bihar election followed so minutely and never was there so much at stake for so many politicians. Apart from Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Lalu Prasad Yadav and Nitish Kumar, the stakes were also high for Sushil Modi and Nandkishore Yadav amongst others. With such high voltage campaign over the last 2 months, little did the parties leave to chance. Everyone tried every trick in the book and some outside the book, to woo the voters. But the voters have a mind and reason of their own. The verdict is now clear and here are the top six things the NDA should not have done for them to win this election. It was a won election lost by the NDA. 

1. Should not have kept the CM face away 

People while voting can relate to either party or a face. They vote either or against the party or the face. The number of voters who are staunch party followers and are fixed voters for any party comprise of less than 10% of the total base, the rest are influenced by many other factors, the main being the face of the potential chief minister that they can relate too. In this election, people could not relate to any face from the NDA as the chief minister. This was a big fault. 

2. Should not have forgotten that there was no anti incumbency against Nitish 

Jharkhand, Haryana and Maharashtra all had anti incumbency before their respective state election. Bihar did not have a any anti incumbency. People were happy with the development of the state, they just wanted more. Issues that NDA leaders were pitching against Nitish were issues like road and electricity. These were never the real issues. NDA again got it wrong. 

3. Should not have forgotten the sensitive nature of the Ganges belt

People in Bihar are very sensitive and possessive. The language used in this election did not go well with the people of the state. Imagine someone from China coming and abusing a person in India, the whole country would unite irrespective of political affiliations. Similarly, in Bihar it did not go well with the indecisive voters that someone from outside the state was abusing state leaders. Local leaders using such language might have been spared, but leaders from outside the state should not have used such words. 

4. Should not have forgotten the the stock market discounting rule

Election is like a stock market, people discount old news. The 'chaaara ghotala' is a discounted news. In the stock market, if a company has had a bad deal because of which their quarterly results are going to be affected badly, the market immediately corrects on the news and the prices fall. On actual declaration of the financial result, the stock instead of falling goes up as this news was already discounted by investors. Similarly the 'chaaara ghotala' was a discounted news having no effect on voters. NDA should have taken up new issues. 

5. Should not have left the development agenda

People in Bihar do not relate Narendra Modi to issues relating to the cow, reservation issue and other such petty issue. People related such issues with BJP and not Narendra Modi. In the 2014 parliamentary election, indecisive voters voted for the BJP led by Modi, not BJP alone. They voted for development. But in the Bihar election development was not discussed at any point, not on hoardings, not in speeches. NDA lost this one major issue they had in their favour. 

6. Should not have forced central leaders to campaign

Voters are influenced by good oration by powerful leaders who can connect with the masses. There was bad speeched from powerful leaders who could not connect with the masses. Modi was the only exception. Others just read the lines. People were not impressed. People who attended rallies could not connect with these leaders and made their choice.

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