October 27, 2020
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Serena Imitation: Racist?

Serena Imitation: Racist?

It's getting to be repetitive. And leaving a bad-taste. 

Last year, Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki danced to a Rihanna song, after stuffing her clothes with towels, ostensibly to mock Serena Williams' shape and size:

Last month, Andy Roddick and Novak Djokovic had done similar, separate stunts with stuffed  towels to mock the 2012 WTA Player of the Year:

If it was a joke, it is beginning to wear thin now, as Caroline Wozniacki was back again to repeat the stuffed towels routine in an exhibition match against Maria Sharapova this weekend:

The spectators included an amused Roger Federer.

While Yahoo Sports found the prank, "hilarious," and noted: "The likeness to Serena, you'll surely agree, is uncanny," not everyone thinks it is just a "jest" that should be left alone at that, others point out that making fun of the bodies of black women smacks of nothing else but racism, or at least bad taste.

Tell us what you think: harmless fun, in bad taste or racist?

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