June 19, 2021
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Selfies With A Dead-Duck Plane

Selfies With A Dead-Duck Plane
Selfies With A Dead-Duck Plane

On this day in 1895, Oscar Wilde was sentenced to prison or committing acts of “gross indecency with other male persons”. Well, not sure much has changed on that front. So, we give you a bit-part glimpse of things that have been getting people’s goats.

  1. Not a goat but a little birdie in this case. Twitter has relaxed its 140-character limit to include other kinds of content and names in replies would also not be counted. From micro-blogging to manuscripts, it’s all gonna go down there soon.
  2. It was already going down between the Centre and the judiciary over the NJAC but after the government relented and allowed a few High Court judges and four judges of the Supreme Court to be appointed, the Memorandum of Procedure has become a barrier between them. An encore from the CJI happening soon?
  3. A healthy combo of the miraculous and the bizarre coming up. An air-ambulance carrying a critically ill patient crash-landed near the IGI in Delhi after the aircraft’s engines failed and all seven fliers survived. Soon, however, the area became mela-grounds with ice-cream vendors and people clicking selfies with the dead-duck of a plane. Bah!
  4. A very interesting report is the front-page anchor in the TOI today. It is the story of a farmer in Akola, Maharashtra, who sold 10 acres of his farmland for 55 lakhs to build a dam with a storage capacity of 3 crore litres.
  5. And well, in other news from states so-far-away-they-do-not-seem-to-matter, the BJP has taken over Assam and Sarbananda Sonowal was appointed the state’s 14th Chief Minister.

Finally, if you feel like your karma isn’t quite up-to task, you may consider heading over to this Shiva Temple in Pratapgarh, Rajasthan. Paap-mukt certificates are available here for Rs 11. I’m off, this is too good a deal for the price.

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