April 21, 2021
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Sau Chin Tendulkar

Sau Chin Tendulkar

Yes, yes, we know and totally agree with what Mukul Kesavan wrote last December:

The real cricketing illiterates are the people who believe that adding ODI centuries to Test centuries and arriving at a hundred gives you a heroic landmark. It doesn’t. This isn’t just a meaningless statistic, it’s a pernicious one because it equalizes two different orders of achievement.

...why are we going on like idiots about this non-event, this half-wit’s holy grail? Why can’t we be content to celebrate Tendulkar’s real achievement? Fifty-one Test hundreds… say that slowly because no one will ever score more. And if you must celebrate his 48 ODI centuries, do, but as a distinct and separate achievement. There’s no such thing as an international hundred. If you do want to join his Test centuries to some other figure to bulk out his numbers, add them to his 27 first class hundreds: at least those were made in the same four-innings format of the game.

So celebrate his 49th ODI hundred today and let others add 51 Test hundreds to it and allow others to think of it as some kind of a 100, when the real celebration should perhaps await his 50th ODI ton. As the man himself said, he feels 50 Kgs lighter already.

Meanwhile, let's just raise a toast and smile along with the Amul girl...

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