June 22, 2021
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Sania Mirza: Tennis Hero, Chemistry Zero

Sania Mirza: Tennis Hero, Chemistry Zero
File - AP Photo/Peter Mathew
Sania Mirza: Tennis Hero, Chemistry Zero

So it turns out that Sania Mirza is not very good at "Physics, err...Chemistry".

Wonder how much she scored in school? We don't exactly know, but perhaps this little episode might give you some idea. 

Here's what happened. Mirza was a part of KBC Telugu which is hosted by Akkineni Nagarjuna.


During the show, Nagarjuna asked her a simple question of chemistry: "Sodium Chloride is the chemical name of which of these substances?" If that wasn't easy enough already, turned out her 'test' had MCQs. So she was given options to pick her answer from: Sugar, Salt, Water or Camphor. 

Her answer: Water!

One can perhaps understand how someone might not know that NaCl is salt. But how one who has been to school can imagine water being anything but H2O is pretty baffling. 

She had to use one of her lifelines on the show — take audience help — to arrive at the right answer. 

Facepalm, Sania! 

At least, Alia Bhatt, who thought Prithviraj Chouhan was the Prime Minister of India didn't have four options to choose from.

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