July 25, 2021
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Same Song, Same Verse

Same Song, Same Verse

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April 27, 2013 | No Question of Law Min Resigning Over Coalgate: PM

"There is no question of the Law Minister resigning. The matter is now in the court and it is sub-judice. It is not proper for me to do anything. But there is no question of the Law Minister resigning"

May 10, 2013 | Finally, Pawan Bansal, Ashwani Kumar Made to Quit


Like a stuck record, a few random quotes from a few random blogs from the archives:

Aug 23, 2011 | The Banality Of U-Turns

Heard the one about the onion thief who is given three options to choose from as punishment: (1) Receive 100 lashes, (2) Eat 100 onions, or (3) Pay 100 gold coins? 

As the story goes, the thief decides, without thinking much, that eating the onions is the easiest option. After eating around 10 of those, he realises that he cannot eat any more, so again, without thinking it through, he gives up and announces that he would rather receive the 100 lashes. But then, after enduring some 25 of those, he breaks down, announcing that he would actually, you see, rather pay the 100 gold coins and be done with it.

And so we come to the UPA II, the onion thief raised to the power of n+1.

It clearly has exhausted not three but many more options —on not just one but many, many occasions. 


Jan 19, 2006 | Taint On The Saint 

'Explain this to me,' I asked my friend Bakwas Biswas. 'What gives? How come the Saint and the Head Apostle, Mr Integrity himself, can still see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil, and only emerge days later to disarmingly disown all knowledge and responsibility and righteously mouth platitudes and pieties? Surely they don't expect us all to be so naive and gullible to believe that this was only one loyal flunky...trying to ingratiate himself further, and that he autonomously acted of his own initiative...

Nov 07, 2005 | 'The Root Of The Matter'

It could well be called the nth replay of the Congress/UPA farce in which, predictably, Act 1, Scene I has the party/government brazenly and blatantly denying any wrong doing on the most sensitive and serious of charges (cf Goa, Jharkhand, Nanavati et al). There is no fire, it insists, blithely ignoring all the smoke. It is only in Scene II, once the fire has destroyed the remnants of any shreds of credibility that the government enjoys thanks to the tattered personal equity of the PM, that they call in the fire brigade.

The gracelessly adopted desperate measures undertaken are all so belated, so half-hearted and so manifestly under duress that the higher moral ground that is sought to be assumed fools no one.

Mar 11, 2005 | Fanning The Fire

That it brought us perilously close to a constitutional crisis that the country doesn't need, nor want? That what the centre finally stepped in to do today, should have been done long back, much before the Supreme Court came into the picture? That our worthy parliamentarians of the UPA did not dwell on what was responsible for totally upsetting "the fine constitutional balance and the democratic functioning of the state as a whole"?

Mar 04, 2005 | Too Little, Too Late

What is shocking though is that neither the Prime Minister nor the Congress President have been heard from on this. Coming out clean on where they stand would be a beginning. Their silence is deafening.       

March 3, 2005 | Speak Up Now 

When the government was formed with "tainted" MPs sworn in as ministers, the faithful sought to explain it away as "compulsions of coalition politics". The party was determined not to repeat its past mistakes, we were assured...

The Congress President, much regarded for having edited Nehru's letters to his daughter, surely would have read his letters to the chief ministers, or the more famous quoted one of his, which he wrote to C. Rajagopalachari, Rajaji, in 1952: "the one thing we must avoid giving is the impression that we stick to office and we want to keep others out at all costs". It is that impression which the Congress gave in the past, and unequivocally gives out under her leadership now more than ever. That it is interested in power not as means to an end but as an end in itself...

...The buck has to stop with the Congress President who is also the UPA coalition head. It may be too much to expect political morality of our politicians, but one hoped they understand by now that such bizarrely brazen behaviour only erodes the party's credibility even more, and is counterproductive..

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