October 27, 2020
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Sachin Da

Sachin Da

No new play-lists today, but was reminded that it was Sachin Dev Burman's birthday yesterday, so for all his fans, here is Kishore Kumar talking about him - always considered this to be one of the best tributes ever (RDB in the beginning of this and Rafi right at the end);

Much as Sahir is an all-time favourite, particularly with SDB, the sheer joy of Majrooh Sultanpuri, SDB and most often KK and Asha together is always a treat. In this, Majrooh remembers SDB, and recounts some lovely tales, particularly one about SDB asking Sahir: "kola (kela, banana) lega?" Sheer delight:

Some of the songs that only SDB could have sung: 

  1. Dolii meN bithaaike Kahaar (One of my absolute favourites of his, RD's music)
  2. O re maaNjhii 
  3. sun mere baNdhuu re 
  4. kaahe ko roye 
  5. piyaa tuune kyaaa kiyaa [Couldn't replace the removed Youtube]
  6. prem ke pujaari
  7. zindagi ii Zindagi
  8. dhiire se jaanaa bagiyan me (remember the Kishore takeoff?)
  9. merii duniyaa hai maa
  10. allah megh de
  11. umiid bharaa panchhii
  12. prem kaa pinjraa ho gayaa suunaa
  13. naarayan more daras dikhaam
  14. mere shyaam suno merii bintii
  15. kaun nagariyaa Jaavo re
  16. rim jhim rim jhim
  17. kaun aayaa sapno meN
  18. baalam mujh se ruuTh kae
  19. phuul gendavaa naa maaro [couldn't replace the removed Youtube]
  20. jhan jhan jhan manjiraa (Classical)

A few Bengali songs - again, not updating the old list, so do share your favourites:

  • Rangeela Re Bandhu
  • nishite jaio phulbane o bhomora (dhiire se jaanaa 
  • prem jamunoib
  • bandar chharo
  • tuii ke shyamer banshi

It would take too long to list my favourites film songs from those he composed music for - and it will be too long a list - so sharing an Asha-SDB playlist from an old post on Asha:

  1. ab ke baras bhej bhaiya ko baabul 
  2. kaali ghataa chhaaye 
  3. Haal Kaisa Hai Janab Ka 
  4. Hum Aap Ki Aankhon Mein
  5. Aankhon Mein Kya Ji
  6. chhod do aanchal
  7. Aaja Panchhi Akela Hai
  8. aachhaa jii main haari chalo maan jaao naa
  9. Deewana Mastana Hua Dil
  10. dukh aur sukh ke

A Geeta Dutt and KK or MR list would be far too long, so let's end with this - repetitious perhaps, but found in my old favourites on youtube:

And because it is also Gandhi Jayanti, I thought it would be perfect to round it off if I could find SDB singing Vaishnav Jan to or something similar. I did find SDB singing on Gandhi, but perhaps those are best left to the truly hard-core & non-violent fans : I & II


PS: Yes, that other short fella is indeed named after him.

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