June 18, 2021
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Pran (1920 -2013)

Pran (1920 -2013)

A playlist of some of his best dialogues and songs:

He was awarded the Villain of the Millenium by Stardust in 2000. So effective was his screen persona of a villain that no one wanted to name their son Pran. He found himself in company of Ravan, another name that has been shunned for ages:

See Bollywood Food Club's lovely tribute to him on his birthday in 2010:

And more:

Some paintings via the site pransikand.com

And via Pavan Jha on Twitter: One of the best cinematic tribute to #Pran saab the actor & the person, was by Hrishida in #Guddi 

Elsewhere: Pransikand.com

From Outlook archives:

2004 Q&A with Lata Khubchandani

I was the first villain to blow smoke rings—that was my identification. Later, my underplaying of all my villain roles was my peculiarity.

Meghnad Desai: Pranayama: Evil Breath:

By playing an unlikable role well, the good actor has won admiration the hard way. Through hard work and serious study of his roles, Pran has maintained the epitome of evil in film after film. Of his generation perhaps only Dilip Kumar and Ashok Kumar match Pran in his versatility.

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