May 06, 2021
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Philip Hughes (1988-2014), R.I.P.

Philip Hughes (1988-2014), R.I.P.
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Philip Hughes (1988-2014), R.I.P.


Watching Phillip Hughes, so boyish, cheerful and amiable, was all about the future. There was barely any past...

He had the attitude. He had the look. Here was a cricketer, we told ourselves, with time on his side. Perhaps he assuaged his disappointments the same way. Certainly, he handled himself as first reserve with dignity, patience and enthusiasm.

Thus the intensity of the shock at his loss. Hughes is the tomorrow cricketer who will now form part of history. He is not the youngest Test cricketer to die. That tragic mantle still belongs to Manjural Islam Rana, the Bangladeshi spinner who was 22 when he died in a traffic accident in March 2007.

But he has become the first to be cut down, as it were, before our very eyes — in the act, in full bloom, in the presence of his mother and sister, by a delivery from a bowler who just six weeks ago was his teammate in a one-day series in the Gulf.

Forever young, that’s how we’ll remember Phillip Hughes
Gideon Haigh in the Australian


It's not been the same for the world Cricket community since Nov 25, and today was a tragic reminder of the fragility of life:

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