May 06, 2021
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Pakistan Floods: What "India" Can Do

Pakistan Floods: What "India" Can Do

As the scale of floods in Pakistan sinks in and the Pakistan government dithers over whether or not are caught up, Nitin Pai pointedly asks whether "India" means only the Indian government when it comes to foreign affairs:

Governments are constrained by realpolitik. They follow the grammar of power. Civil society does not have the same constraints. It is free to speak the language of values. ..

...forget about New Delhi's offer and Islamabad's response. Think about the enormous human tragedy that is unfolding across our north-western borders. Then think of the political consequences, not least the real risk that the disaster will end up strengthening the bad guys. Think also of the hapless people in Balochistan, where the Pakistani government has banned international relief agencies from operating. You might find some factors more important than others, depending on your personal values, beliefs and hopes. Then do what you think is appropriate.

Read the full piece at Yahoo

For readers interested in contributing to help victims, NYT's Lede blog has a list of organisations beginning with three United Nations agencies working in Pakistan, with the rider

that The New York Times does not certify the charities’ fund allocations or administrative costs. More information about giving, for this and other causes, is available online from the GuideStar database on nonprofit agencies.)

Manan Ahmed at Chapati Mystery has more links on relief agencies



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