May 15, 2021
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OMG: Shaming For 'Body Shaming' Works

OMG: Shaming For 'Body Shaming' Works
OMG: Shaming For 'Body Shaming' Works

While the outrage against the Times of India's response to Deepika Padukone continues to simmer, the newspaper is now involved in yet another controversy, this time concerning "body shaming".

The Independent newspaper published from London had taken the TOI article to task and written:

"One is among the biggest selling female pop stars of the last 25 years. Another is a UN ambassador and an Oscar-winning actress.The others range from singers to TV regulars and Bollywood stars. All of whom are used to their physical appearances being routinely scrutinised by the tabloid press. But none of whom were probably expecting to be the focus of this particularly critical piece by the Times of India – a leading Asian publication – entitled 'Hot babes with ugly legs'."

The Independent also quotes Louise Court, Editor-in-Chief of British women's magazine Cosmopolitan:

"I was infuriated by it – but women struggling with their body image are made even more vulnerable. This article is just mean and pointless. We should be focusing on the talent of the women on that list – not what they look like. Angelina Jolie is an Oscar winner and global humanitarian. Sarah Jessica Parker is an Emmy award winning actress and producer and fashion designer. Do you want me to go on? The conversation should be about their achievements."

Instead of responding to the Independent, this time around, the TOI seems to have decided to take the offending article off its website as the URL is now showing a 'Sorry, Page Not Found'.

Following is the screen-grab of the TOI article that appears to have been taken off:

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