June 24, 2021
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Of Ostriches And Samosas

Of Ostriches And Samosas

Komail Aijazuddin in the Indian Express:

It’s official: the ostrich is no longer safe in Pakistan. On the upside, it can now feel like everybody else here. Demonstrating a sweeping misreading of the concepts of both evolution and prioritising, the Punjab assembly recently declared to our country and the world that the ostrich is not actually a bird, but an animal. That’s right. We debated and then officially voted what is actually the biggest bird on the planet into another species, because that’s just how we roll...

...Later, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the highest judicial authority in all the land, decided that its legal expertise would be best served deliberating upon whether to set the price of a samosa in the Punjab or not.

Read on at the Indian Express: A bird, a plane, an ostrich

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