February 25, 2021
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No One Hit Constable Subhash Tomar: Eyewitness

No One Hit Constable Subhash Tomar: Eyewitness

Much has been made by Delhi Police about the violent protests and stone-pelting by anti-rape protesters which, according to them, was responsible for the unfortunate death of Constable Subhash Tomar.

Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, along with many senior Congress leaders today showed up at Tomar's funeral, which was attended by Delhi's top-cops, while repeatedly condemning the violent nature of protests. Minister of state for home, RPN Singh, also demanded severe punishment for those who were responsible for Tomar's death.

However, Yogendra, a journalism student at Ambedkar College came forward and told NDTV India today that he was an eyewitness to Tomar falling down while running, and that there were no injury marks on his body:


Yogendra told NDTV India's Ravish in his prime time programme today (see from around 34:00 in the above video) that he saw Tomar running after a crowd, saw him pause momentarily, and then saw him fall down.

He says Tomar was NOT hit by anything. He just fell down on his own while running. Yogendra repeated the same in another programme to the same channel:

Significantly, the witness is also shown along with a girl mentioned by him in his testimony, in various photographs circulating on Facebook and other social media today.

He also said that the other policemen, instead of helping Tomar, or calling an ambulance, ran after the protesting crowd when Tomar fell down. Yogendra finally helped take Tomar to hospital.

Arvind Kejriwal, in his press conference today, also stressed that while the police arrested eight people, there was no evidence against them, nor did the FIR charge them with any specific acts, which is why they were so easily granted bail by the court today.

Significantly, there were no stones or bricks strewn around Subhash Tomar in any of the photographs. There also appear to be no outward injuries on Constable Tomar's body in the photographs available:

The eyewitness also insisted that no one beat up Constable Tomar, and that there was no question of any crowd trampling over the fallen Constable and that despite his narrating the entire sequence of events to the police, they still came out with a story that is entirely at variance with the version given by him.

Yogendra says that he even has a recording of the conversation with the police when he narrated the sequence of events leading to Constable Tomar being taken to the hospital, after he fell down while chasing a crowd.

Yogendra also questioned why eight persons were arrested when he was an eyewitness to the whole episode and had provided his full version to the police, and that none of these eight persons, as far as he saw, were in any way present in the situation or involved in the Constable's death.

While the postmortem report is still awaited, the police has quoted the doctors who treated Constable Tomar as saying that he had serious internal injuries on his neck and chest. The police had earlier claimed that Constable Tomar was hit by stones and that the crowd had trampled over him once he fell down after being hit.

The witness claimed that from what he saw it did not seem as if the constable was running after having sustained the injuries -- either by the crowd trampling over him, or because of being hit by any stone.

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