May 09, 2021
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No File Moves Without 'Jayanthi Tax' In Environment Ministry: Modi

No File Moves Without 'Jayanthi Tax' In Environment Ministry: Modi

BJP's prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat chief minister, Narendra Modi took a jibe at the former environment minister Jayanthi Natarajan while addressing the Vijay Sankalp rally in Panaji. Heaping praise on the Goa chief minister, Manohar Parrikar, Modi slammed the Congress for it 'culture' of corruption.

A rough transcript of Modi's speech at the rally:

I must congratulate people of Goa for chosing Manohar Parrikar as a CM

Rs 5 was collected for the rally and that was donated to the victims of the recent building collapse and Parrikar was himself on the field. This is the character and values of BJP. This is what we have been taught. Janata ke sukh mein sukhi, janata ke dukh mein dukhi.

The roots of Congress are so deep in the politics of this country. At such times BJP likes people from ordinary backgrounds like me and Parrikar. I am proud that BJP gives such people responsibility. Without BJP, this boy who sold tea on trains would not be here. Imagine the power of BJP that plucked a boy from a poor family and trains him to serve the country. Look at Shivraj ji, Raman ji, Dhumal ji.

Congress free India is not a slogan of BJP but a dream of all Indians and by that I don't just mean the party or the leaders. It has become a culture. Through many parties and leaders, this culture has been propgated and is running in the country's blood. I want to cure the country of these diseases - communalism, dynastic politics, castiesm, poverty, unemployment, corruption.

Do the youth of this country want to live the lives of their parents? Go through the same suffering? Who were those people who gave rise to such circumstances? Shouldn't they be punished? Uprooted from this country's politics? Remember Rajiv Gandhi? He went on and on about the 21st century but did he do anything to prepare the country for that?

But he wasted the 50 years after independence. People expected educated people who weren't spoilt by the congress culture. But the country has never had to see a time as bad as the last ten years. All institutions have been rendered useless.

I will restore the prestige of these instutions. I believe in decentralisation.

Mining is of great imortance in Goa. Economy depends on three things -- Infrastructure, human resource and energy. But if mining is prohibited, youths become unemployed and the Centre remains quiet, then what will happen? I want to assure people that it is a matter of only a few months.

I will protect the environment and bring transparency in mining and use it to take the country's economy forward.

For the first time I heard of 'Jayanthi' tax without which no file in the environment ministry moves. Can the situation not change?

The central government is ignoring the federal structure of the country. BJP will work to improve and strengthen this structure.

Shouldn't all criminals be punished? Shouldn't all criminals be treated equally. You will be surprised to see that Home Minister in writing to CMs and saying that if you arrest criminals, make sure Muslims are not arrested. Do criminals have a religion? Should religion be the basis of judgement? Such vote-bank politics should not happen. Such actions by the Home Minister is against India's federal structure.

Some people, a delegation came and told me that they need a special status. Most ask for financial package. But they did not. They said they want it for the identity of Goa and it's environment.

Congress has failed to keep all its promises. A government elected by the people has now become a burden for those very people. It has taken the country 20 years back.

Any change requires vision and hard work. BJP will work to change the fate of the country.

It's a great thing that Goa a common civil court. BJP encourages brotherhood and harmony and people try to break the country in the name of secularism.

We only have one religion—'India First'. We have one religious text—'Indian Constitution'.  We have only one devotion and that is towards the Country, only one strength, that of the people, only one ageda the good and progress of all. There must be efforts to bring the country together.

People have always voted for a person or a party. The 2014 elections are for Hindustan. Vote for the country, not for a party. Vote for India. Take this message across the country.

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