June 25, 2021
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N.J. Nanporia, R.I.P.

N.J. Nanporia, R.I.P.

Mr Sunanda K Datta-Ray writes in the Business Standard:

Word has just reached me by a circuitous route that N J Nanporia is dead. Somebody saw an advertisement announcing the sale of his art collection and told someone else who told me. It’s typical of the reclusive Nanporia that he should slip out of life so quietly. He would have endorsed my mother’s favourite lines of poetry, “And may there be no moaning of the bar/When I put out to sea.”

He was unique, the only half Indian (Parsee), half Japanese editor I know of. No one else since Robert Knight founded The Times of India in Bombay and The Statesman in Calcutta edited both papers. No other Indian I have known in 54 years in journalism has been so reluctant to push himself into the limelight...

Mr Vinod Mehta has often narrated a story involving Mr Nanporia:

One great editor of Times of India, Mr N.J. Nanporia used to buy things from Sunday chor bazaar. One day, in one shop a chap came and said, "Good afternoon, Mr Nanporia." He kept following him. He kept wishing him "good afternoon" wherever Nanporia went. At the end, when Nanporia was getting into his car, he said, "You are a very nice chap but who are you? The man replied: "Sir, I am your chief reporter..."

Mr Dutta Ray writes:

Hilarious stories about not recognising colleagues were untrue. Once when Nanporia was in my room, a colleague, who had just received an award, walked in, spoke to me and left. Nanporia stared unblinkingly out of the window. He recognised the man, he said, and knew of the award. But congratulations would have raised expectations of a salary rise. Nanporia was a canny soul.


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