August 03, 2021
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Mumbai Blasts: What Our Netas Said

Mumbai Blasts: What Our Netas Said

P. Chidambaram: Whoever planned this attack worked in a very, very clandestine manner. It's not a failure of intelligence.

Rahul Gandhi: We will stop 99 per cent of the attacks. But one per cent of attacks might get through and that is what I am saying...It is very difficult to stop every single terror attack ... We've improved in leaps and bounds, but terrorism is something that is also increasing in leaps and bounds.

Digvijay Singh: Even the US has to go through the 9/11 attacks. We are a country of 1.2 billion people. We have made progress. We have improved our intelligence network. We are comparatively better than Pakistan where blasts take place every day, every week.

Raj Thackeray: Maharashtra crime rate has increased in the last 10 years. Examine from where the people perpetrating the crimes come from. Every time we can not blame the police department or failure of intelligence as it is not possible to control the number of people due to migrants. I trust the Mumbai Police but the influx is so much that there will be intelligence failure and such type of terror attacks would keep happening.

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